Apple Clips: Live transcriptions are impressive, but where are the selfie filters?

Clips is a simplified version of iMovie for stylized video editing.

Think of Clips as Snapchat for grownups. Apple’s newest iOS app helps you stylize your videos. But is it just as fun and addictive? We put it to the test.

You can record video or take photos from within the Clips app, and then spice them up with animations, captions, filters, emoji, music, and speech bubbles. The most impressive feature is Live Titles, a speech-to-text transcription service that automatically turns your voice dictations into text captions.

Based on our test trial, Live Titles is surprisingly accurate, and was able to decipher our dictations (even curse words!) Watch the video above to see all these features in action.

After you’ve finished, you can export your video creation to share on other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and iMessage. Clips also has facial recognition, so the app will suggest iMessage contacts for you to share your video with based on who appears in it. But we didn’t get to try out that feature this time around.

It’s obvious that Apple was inspired by Snapchat, so it’s surprising that Clips is missing one of Snapchat’s most popular features: selfie filters. And unlike Snapchat, Clips does not have a built-in social network. So, in this sense, Clips feels more like Instagram’s Boomerang or the new redesigned Vine Camera. To read more about Clips, check out our thorough hands-on.

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