The Week in iOS Apps: Is The Best Photo App the best photo app?

This week's roundup includes a photo app with the most audacious app name ever. Plus: Scooby Doo, where are you?

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A bold name, and a bold claim

This week’s roundup includes a photo app with the most audacious app name ever. Plus: Scooby Doo, where are you?

Best Photo App

The Best Photo App

Is The Best Photo App (free, iPhone and iPad) really the best photo app? Cheeky name aside, the app has a host of features that let you edit, organize, delete, and favorite your photos, as well as find specific photos by year or album. Shell out $2 for a premium upgrade, and you’ll have more options to edit photo metadata and access “smart search” functions.



Remember when Saturday mornings—and weekday afternoons, after school—were for watching classic cartoons? Boomerang ($5 a month subscription, iPhone and iPad) revives that experience: It’s a Netflix for old animated shows like Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo. Rut a ronderful rap for your ryephone!



Busuu (multiple subscription options, iPhone and iPad) has a long history of teaching foreign languages to users. The latest update improves on the process by putting users in contact with native speakers: “Members of our wonderful community will then give you feedback on your exercise by talking or writing back. You can have whole conversations within threads of written and spoken replies.” Buena suerte!

Cafe Wifi

Cafe Wifi

If you’re a member of the “gig economy,” Cafe Wifi (free, iPhone and iPad) is pretty handy, letting you document “the best cafés, coworking spaces, airport lounges, hotels, and more” around the world—ranked according to Wi-Fi speeds, food and drink prices, meeting room availability, and more.

CPF Challenge

CPF Challenge

CPF Challenge (free, iPhone) is from the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and it offers a way to both get in shape and raise money for the CBF. It offers 57 different exercises for varying physical abilities—you can select the exercises you like and build a customized daily workout. After that, you can ask your friends for donations, or join them to form a team to raise funds for this worthy cause.



Runtasty (free, iPhone) offers more than 40 healthy recipes for a range of diets and restrictions: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater, dairy-free, low-carb, and more. Watch step-by-step videos to guide your preparation, mark your favorites, and prepare to eat healthier!



Skimcast (free, iPhone and iPad) lets you lighten up your reading—share a document to Skimcast from your browser, a PDF, or photo gallery, and the app will produce a document summary listing “key themes” in the document. You can even take a picture of a page in a book, and the app will furnish a summary from that image.



Stormcrow ($3, iPhone) is not another weather app—instead, it’s a tool to help you properly compose multi-entry “tweetstorms” for public reading. 140 characters is only a limit if you let it be.

Hungry Black Hole

Others of note

Dropbox Paper has added a new offline mode … Hungry Black Hole (pictured) is a game that lets you prevent the end of humanity by feeding candy to a hungry black hole (natch)… The official Saturday Night Live app now has an iMessage extension with stickers featuring your favorite characters.

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