The Week in iOS Apps: Make music with Audiobus and two other new music creation apps

This week's roundup includes three new apps that help you make music or put a melodic soundtrack on your iOS videos.

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Melody makers

This week’s roundup includes three new apps that help you make music or put a melodic soundtrack on your iOS videos. Read on!

Audiobus 3

Audiobus 3

Audiobus 3 ($10, iPhone and iPad) ties together more than 900 music-making apps—including GarageBand, Amplitube, and Korg Gadget, among others—to create a studio within an iOS device capable of producing just about any sound effect you prefer. Version 3.0 has a new MIDI routing system, support for Apple’s new Audio Unit Extensions standard, a new built-in mixer, and numerous new workflow improvements.

future drummer
Future Drummer

Future Drummer

Future Drummer ($20, iPhone and iPad) includes more than 300 editable grooves and more than 100 multilayer sounds that can be reversed or sliced with the app’s “easy editor,” or can be played in real time using “live pads” that allow you to assign rhythms and jam intensity during the performance.



Moodelizer (free, iPhone) makes it easy to add a music soundtrack to your iPhone videos—choose a style (hip-hop, wedding music, EDM), then use the live music editor to insert into the action. You can edit while you shoot, dragging your finger up to increase intensity, and sideways to add variation while filming. (Check out the Moodelizer website for examples.) When you’re finished, it’s easy to share on your favorite social networking sites.



Funnel ($1 with in-app purchases available, iPhone) lets you listen to the latest hourly news summaries from outlets like BBC, NPR, CBC, VOA, and more. Just pick your sources; drop an extra $2 to use the “AutoPlay” feature to customize your feed.



If you enjoy Pictionary, you might like Pictionary (free with in-app purchases available, iPhone and iPad). The iOS game has two modes—a real-time two-on-two matchup, or turn-based, where you play one-on-one with a friend. Time to put those artistic skills to use.



The recent flood of meditation-guidance apps continues with Sway (free, iPhone), an “interactive meditation” app that uses your phone to track your movement—sitting down, lying in bed, or walking around the office—and provides feedback to help you gain focus and improve your attention. Your recommended dosage of Zen? Twenty minutes a day.



For you business types, SwiftCall ($20, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) lets you get organized, creating sorted call lists from your lists of leads, producing detailed reports tracking your progress, and letting you follow up the call by scheduling the next contact or writing an email—all without having to leave the app.

office quest
Office Quest

The Office Quest

For you “pretend business” types, The Office Quest (free, in-app purchases, iPhone and iPad) lets you game out a day in the business world—and do so in heroic fashion. You’ll solve puzzles and riddles while dealing with a grumpy boss, annoying co-workers, and other challenging obstacles. Just like real work!

mu origin
MU Origin

Others of note

Google Maps now helps you remember where you parked your car … MU Origin (pictured) now lets you battle with up to 100 players … Overcast has brought offline podcasts to the Apple Watch … Star Wars: Puzzle Droids brings the Force to a match-3 game.

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