The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Logitech and Speck protect your iPad Pro

This week's roundup features some new cases for the latest models of iPad Pro. Plus: Cables, air conditioners, earbuds, and more.

  • Slim Combo Keyboard Case for iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

    $129.99 MSRP $129.99
    on Logitech
  • Balance Folio for iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

    $39.95 MSRP $39.95
    on Speck
  • Micro Bluetooth Receiver

    $19.99 MSRP $49.99
    on Atech
  • Kanex Apple Certified Premium Lightning to USB Cable with...

  • Elite Smart Room Air Conditioner

    $300.00 MSRP $300.00
    on Kenmore
  • Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - In-Line...

  • Skin for Apple Pencil

    MSRP $8.42
    Learn more
    on Slickwraps
  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Luxe Screen Protector for Apple Watch...

  • Charge Force case for iPhone 7

    $44.95 MSRP $49.95
    on Mophie
  • Pursuit Series Case for iPhone 7

    $69.95 MSRP $69.95
    on OtterBox
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New tablets? New cases.

This week’s roundup features some new cases for the latest models of iPad Pro. Plus: Cables, air conditioners, earbuds, and more. Read on!



The Logitech Slim Combo ($130 MSRP) is a keyboard case that pairs with the iPad Pro—both the 10.5- and 12.9-inch versions—in four different modes: Typing, Viewing, FaceTime, and Reading. It has full-size backlit keys, iOS shortcuts, “and the most laptop-like typing experience on iPad Pro.” It connects to the tablet via Smart Connector. The device is now available for pre-order.



This company has launched its line of Balance folio cases for 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros—the smaller version is $39.95 and available in five different color combinations; the large version is $49.95 and available in three different color styles



The Micro Bluetooth Receiver ($50 MSRP, on sale for $20) can turn your existing earbuds wireless: Just plug them into the device’s 3.5-mm jack (you’ll have to repower the gadget through this port as well) then clip the receiver to your shirt, and you’re ready to go for a jog without being tied down. 90 minutes of charge time will give you four hours of playback.

  • Kanex Apple Certified Premium Lightning to USB Cable...


Kanex’s DuraBraid Lightning Cable ($20 MSRP/$8.57 on Amazon for six-inch versions; $25 MSRP/$13.54 on Amazon for four-foot models) are “now stronger and more durable” than previous releases, but continues to feature  a nylon fiber encased cable that reduces tangles, has a longer life, and looks just a little nicer than most cords. It’s available in navy and blue.



Kenmore’s Elite Smart Room Air Conditioners (starting at $300 for the 8,000 BTU model) lets you connect your smartphone with the air conditioner—it comes with its own remote control, but any iPhone user with a Kenmore Smart Airconditioner app can control the AC from anywhere else on earth, making it easy to leave the temperature high during the day, but dropping it down a few degrees right before you get home.

  • Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth Wireless Headphones -...


These Hammerhead earbuds ($100 MSRP; $121 on Amazon) are pricier than ATech’s Micro Bluetooth Receiver, but they also have a few more features—starting with up to eight hours of music playback time and 10mm drivers to provide a dynamic range to the sound of your tunes. They also feature interchangeable ear buds and bi-flange ear tips to get a good fit, as well as an in-line remote so you can control your music wirelessly, too.



This company now lets you customize your Apple Pencil (starting at $8.42) by uploading your own photos or picking from one of Slickwraps’ designs to create a stylus with style. You can wrap the tip, the cap, or the body of the Apple Pencil, or all three—the final cost depends on how much verve you want your pencil to possess.

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Luxe Screen Protector for Apple...


Now there’s protection for the iOS device on your wrist: Zagg has unveiled the the InvisibleShield Luxe ($15 MSRP; same price on Amazon) protective bumper case for Apple Watch Series 1 38mm and 42mm models. The “sleek, minimalist” shield leaves all the Apple Watch buttons exposed; it comes in black and rose gold.

Colorii Tech

Colorii Tech

From crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the POP case (available for a $19 pledge) is a “a super slim protective case” with a removable battery pack “that attaches perfectly on the back of the case.” You can charge your phone and the case at the same time using your Lightning cable; it’s available in up to eight different color combinations.



Speaking of slim battery cases, Mophie’s Charge Force Case ($59.95 MSRP) offers both thinness and wireless charging for your iPhone 7. “Simply touch the mophie charge force case to any Charge Force wireless accessory and power is sent to your phone directly on contact.” It’s available in five different colors.



The makers of some of the toughest iOS cases aroudn have introduced the new Pursuit Series guards for iPhone 7 ($69.95 MSRP) and iPhone 7 Plus ($79.95 MSRP). Billed by Otterbox as “our thinnest, toughest, most protective case,” it’s made to fit easily into pockets while guarding against drops, dust, dirt and more.

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