The Week in iOS Apps: Art of Gravity makes Zen a smashing good time

This week's roundup includes a new game that helps you relax by smashing stuff. Plus, apps for travel, exercise, and more.

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This week’s roundup includes a new game that helps you relax by smashing stuff. Plus, apps for travel, exercise, and more. Read on!

Art of Gravity

Art of Gravity

We’ve been lumping a lot of recent abstract physics-based games under the heading of “Zen gaming,” but Art of Gravity ($1, iPhone and iPad) is a little different, in that the ultimate object of the game is to smash the objects on the screen, creating the “oddly satisfying beauty of destruction.” Whatever it takes to achieve peace of mind, dude.

Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker

If you want to chill out, though, maybe try Bubble Maker ($1, iPhone). You drag your finger across the screen to make bubbles. Then you watch them float. That’s it. And isn’t that enough?

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes

Want to be a foodie, but don’t have the money you think a gourmet requires? Budget Bytes ($3, iPhone) offers step-by-step photography and voice guidance to prepare delicious recipes designed for small budgets. You can search recipes by costs, save your favorites, and even learn how to adjust serving sizes.



Gixo (free, iPhone and iPad) lets you participate in live group fitness classes from the comfort of your own home—work out with friends without the worries of body shaming! All the classes are either 25 or 40 minutes long, are taught by a human coach, and offered whenever you can find a spot on your schedule. The first taste is free; subscriptions start at $19 a month.



Groovebox (free, in-app purchases, iPhone and iPad) lets you make music on the spot, featuring a studio of beats and synth music, drum machines, and playable synth instruments so you can create and mix your music anywhere you go.


Hello Gbye

Aside from getting Beatles’ songs stuck in your head, HelloGbye (free, iPhone and iPad) also serves the purpose of helping frequent travelers plan, book, and change flights and hotels. You can schedule travel for up to nine people, and invite them to collaborate with you on planning, paying, and preferences.



Get. Things. Done. NotePlan ($12, iPhone and iPad) combines your notes, calendar, and to-do lists into one offering. It syncs with your iOS device’s native calendar and reminders apps, and backs up to iCloud, so you know the details of your life and projects are always safe somewhere.

Toca Lab: Plants

Toca Lab: Plants

Toca Lab: Plants ($3, iPhone and iPad) lets your child practice the rudiments of gardening without getting messy in all that dirt. They’ll learn how much light and water some plants need, how to crossbreed two plants to create something new, and experiment with nutritional formulas for up to 35 plants.


Others of note

Microsoft Pix now lets you convert photos to “paintings” … ShopChat calls itself “the world’s first shopping keyboard” … Legitifi (pictured) has launched as an “anti-catfishing” app for singles.

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