12 sweet cases for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro

You don't have to sacrifice style to keep that 10.5-inch screen unmarred.

  • Edition Folio for iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

    $45.00 MSRP $45.00
    on Case-Mate
  • Balance Folio for iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

    $39.95 MSRP $39.95
    on Speck
  • iPad Pro Sleevecase (10.5-inch)

    $69.00 MSRP $69.00
    on WaterField Designs
  • Slim Combo Keyboard for 10.5-inch iPad Pro

    $129.95 MSRP $129.95
    on Apple
  • Custom Case for iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

    $79.95 MSRP $79.95
    on Dodocase
  • Oxford Leather Case for iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

    $129.95 MSRP $129.95
    on Pad & Quill
  • LUVVITT CLEAR GRIP Flexible Soft Transparent TPU Shockproof...

  • Defender Series Case for iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

    $89.95 MSRP $89.95
    on OtterBox
  • iPad Pro 10.5 Rugged Impact Resitant Folio, [4 ft Drops]...

  • VersaVu Classic Case for iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

    $49.99 MSRP $49.99
    on Best Buy
  • Incipio Design Series Folio Case for Apple iPad Pro...

  • Leather Felt Case for iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

    $68.00 MSRP $68.00
    on Werktat
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Cover it up

Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro hits a sweet spot for many—it’s big enough to offer productivity gains, yet small enough to still be pretty portable. If you’re using the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro as a laptop replacement and toting it all over town with you, you’ve probably realized this by now: You need a case or some sort of protection for it. It’s still an iPad, after all, not a laptop, and that big, bright, 10.5-inch screen is easily damaged. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Here are some of the coolest cases on the market.

(Looking for a keyboard case? We have those, too.)

case mate edition folio

Case-Mate Edition Folio

Case-Mate makes its stylish Edition Folio case in multiple sizes—including for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. This chic, clutch-like folio case comes in two colors (black and rose gold) and features a plush faux-leather exterior and a microfiber interior with a built-in document pocket (but no Pencil holder). The case also offers dual viewing angles and a camera hole, so you can snap photos without removing the tablet.

$45 MSRP,

speck balance folio

Speck Balance Folio

If you’re looking for something a little less flashy than the Edition Folio, Speck’s Balance Folio for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is simple, sleek, and practical. This slim folio-style case comes in five dual-tone colors (blue, pink/purple, gray, red, and black/gray) and has an easy-to-clean faux-leather exterior and a soft, lined interior. The Balance Folio is designed to protect your iPad Pro from drops of up to four feet, and has a couple of nice safety features, such as a secure clasp and a raised bezel for protecting the screen.


waterfield ipad pro sleevecase
Waterfield Designs

Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase

Waterfield’s iPad Pro Sleevecase is perfect for keeping all of your components together. This ultra-stylish sleeve is roomy enough to fit a 10.5-inch iPad Pro with smart cover and the corresponding Apple Keyboard, and it even has a dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil. The Sleevecase comes in two colors (waxed canvas with “grizzly” leather, and black ballistic fabric with micro trim), is padded with neoprene, and has a secure Velcro closure. The Sleevecase is slim enough to be dropped in a larger bag and stylish enough to be carried on its own; for an extra $22 you can add a padded strap.

$69 MSRP;

logitech slim combo

Logitech Slim Combo

Logitech’s Slim Combo is more than just a case—it’s an accessory pack that helps you easily turn your 10.5-inch iPad Pro into more of a laptop. The Slim Combo consists of two parts: A slim, protective case for your iPad Pro (complete with a Pencil holder), and a matching backlit keyboard with dedicated iOS shortcuts. The case even has an adjustable kickstand—similar to the horizontal kickstand on the Microsoft Surface—so you can easily pair your tablet with the keyboard. Not sure if the Slim Combo’s keyboard will satisfy your typing needs? Check out our comparison review here.

$130 MSRP;


DODOcase Custom iPad Pro Case

For a unique case option, check out DODOcase—a company that’s well known for its attractive book-like tech cases. For $80, you can create your own “custom” DODOcase for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro—you’ll get to choose the exterior color (with a leather option), interior color or pattern, elastic closure color, and you can also personalize the case with foil-stamped initials or text. For an extra $15, you can also add a leather pen holder attachment that snaps around the elastic closure. 

$79.95 MSRP;

pad quill
Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill Oxford Leather Case

Pad & Quill’s Oxford Leather iPad Pro case doesn’t ship until mid-July, but it’s definitely an attractive option. This leather-bound case features a book-like finish with a built-in Pencil holder, an elastic closure, and an interior document pocket. The cover is a magnetic smart cover, and the multi-angle case lets you prop up your iPad Pro however you want. The Oxford Leather case comes in two colors (“whiskey” and “chestnut”) and features contrast stitching.

$129.95 MSRP;

luvvitt clear grip
  • LUVVITT CLEAR GRIP Flexible Soft Transparent TPU...

LUVVITT Clear Grip Smart Cover Compatible Case

LUVVITT’s Clear Grip case is the perfect nearly-invisible no-frills case for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. This clear thermoplastic case offers mild protection (mostly from bumps and scratches in your bag) and has ridged edges for extra grip. The current version isn’t compatible with the keyboard or the smart cover, but a future version—which the company promises current buyers will receive for free—will be compatible.

$30 MSRP,

otterbox defender series

OtterBox Defender Series Case

The LUVVITT Clear Grip case is for those who don’t need a ton of protection; the OtterBox Defender Series case is for those who definitely do. The Defender Series case features “triple-layer defense”—while most cases only cover the sides and back of your 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the Defender Series covers everything (including the touchscreen…twice). The case consists of a polycarbonate shell with touchscreen protection, plus a hard plastic “shield” that snaps over the front of the tablet and doubles as a Pencil holder and a hands-free stand. The Defender Series case will protect your iPad Pro from drops, shock, dust, dirt, water, scrapes, and just about everything else, but it can’t be used with the Apple Keyboard or the smart cover.

$89.95 MSRP,

griffin survivor rugged
  • iPad Pro 10.5 Rugged Impact Resitant Folio, [4 ft...

Griffin Survivor Rugged Folio

If the OtterBox Defender Series is overkill, but you still need your 10.5-inch iPad Pro to be able to withstand some gritty situations, Griffin’s Survivor Rugged Folio case might be a good option. This folio-style case has a “tactical grip” cover that, according to the company, “resists dirt, grease, and stains.” The cover aligns and attaches using strong magnets, which can also be used to hold your tablet on “most metal surfaces,” such as toolboxes, whiteboard, or, I suppose, the fridge. The Survivor Rugged Folio protects against drops from up to four feet—like the Speck Balance Folio, so it’s really these strong magnets that set it apart.

$60 MSRP,

targus versavu classic

Targus VersaVu Classic Case

Targus’ VersaVu Classic case might look like your typical folio-style 10.5-inch iPad Pro case…but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong—it is a folio-style case, with drop protection (up to four feet), adjustable viewing angles, cut-outs for the camera and ports, and a molded plastic tray to hold your iPad Pro. But unlike the other folio cases in our round-up, this case has a flexible tray that rotates 360-degrees—so you can set up your tablet in landscape or portrait mode, which is especially handy for FaceTime.

$50 MSRP,

incipio cool blossom design series folio
  • Incipio Design Series Folio Case for Apple iPad Pro...

Incipio Design Series Folio

Incipio’s Design Series Folio cases are simple and straightforward, but with a little extra flair (and if you don’t like that flair, well, Incipio also offers flair-free folio cases). These folio cases have rigid protective shells with different metallic foil-accented designs—floral patterns and glitter—that shine through their translucent, scratch-resistant finish. The cases also have matching faux leather covers which fold for multi-angle viewing.

$45 MSRP,

werktat leather felt case

Werktat Leather Felt Case

If for some reason the Waterfield Sleevecase wasn’t doing it for you, Werktat’s Leather Felt case offers another take on the rustic leather 10.5-inch iPad Pro sleeve. This vertically-oriented leather and felt case is fully customizable: You can choose the leather color (brown, gray-brown, green, red, blue), felt color (a number of grays, oranges, blues, and reds), and you can also choose whether you’d like it to fit just the iPad Pro or the iPad Pro with the smart cover and the smart keyboard.

$68 MSRP,