Buying a new iPhone 8 soon? Here are the essential tips you need to know

Pre-ordering a new iPhone will prove extra difficult this year, so here is your guide to getting your hands on one.

Do you want a new iPhone? Don’t event think about camping out at an Apple Store.

It’s always been a little stressful trying to buy a new iPhone right when it comes out. But the hype around the iPhone 8 is crazier than usual, and rumor has it that it will only be available in limited quantities when it launches—which means that the supply-and-demand will definitely not be on our side.

In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, I reveal some valuable tips on how to successfully pre-oder a new coveted iPhone 8. To get a leg up, watch the video above and make sure you get ready for iPhone mania ahead of Apple's fall event scheduled for next Tuesday, September 12.

Have you used these tips and been triumphant? Or know of any other suggestions for being one of the first people to get your hands on a new iPhone? Let us know by commenting on Macworld’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

And don’t forget to catch up on previous episodes of The iPhone Show.

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