iPhone X cases: The flashiest, best-looking you can buy

Why have a practical phone case when you can have one that's bathed in crystals or sports a unique design?


  • Case-Mate iPhone X Case - BRILLIANCE - 800+ Genuine...

  • Case-Mate iPhone X Case - WHAT'S YOUR MOOD - Changes Colors...

  • Crystal Hybrid Glitter Case for iPhone X

    $34.99 MSRP $34.99
    on Spigen
  • Impact for iPhone X

    $45.00 MSRP $45.00
    on Casetify
  • Incipio Haven LUX iPhone X Case with Padded Interior and...

  • Nomad Clear Case iPhone X Brown

  • Marble Case for iPhone X

    $156.25 MSRP $156.25
    on Roxxlyn
  • Speck Products Presidio Inked Cell Phone Case For IPhone X...

  • FlexProtect Clear Case for iPhone X

    $9.95 MSRP $9.95
    on Tech Armor
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iPhone X cases that will make you stand out

You might not want to cover up your gorgeous new iPhone X, but you should. Between the edge-to-edge screen and the wireless-charging-compatible back, this slippery $1000+ device is basically 100 percent glass, and it’s not cheap to repair. Prevention is definitely key, but you don’t have to wrap your phone in layers of ugly foam and rubber. Here are 12 stylish cases to check out—some might even be prettier than the iPhone X itself.

casemate brilliance
  • Case-Mate iPhone X Case - BRILLIANCE - 800+ Genuine...

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough and Case-Mate Karat

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty or bling for protection, thanks to Case-Mate’s glittery collection. The Brilliance Tough (pictured here) is probably the most blinged-out case on the market—it has over 800 genuine crystals, and it’s amazing—and it’s also tough enough to protect your phone from drops. A caveat: This case is thick and will add noticeable weight to your phone, but it still works with the iPhone X’s wireless charging.

$80 MSRP (Case-Mate | Amazon)

The Case-Mate Karat case is a not-so-subtle variation of glitter-infused translucent cases, and it’s beautiful. This two-part case has a flexible shock-absorbing bumper with metallic button accents and a rigid backplate made of resin treated with anti-scratch technology. The Karat case comes in four colors—gold, rose gold, turquoise, and mother of pearl.

$50 MSRP (Case-Mate | Amazon)

case mate mood
  • Case-Mate iPhone X Case - WHAT'S YOUR MOOD - Changes...

Case-Mate Mood and Luminescent

Who needs a mood ring when you can have a mood case? Case-Mate’s dual-layer Mood case has two parts: a flexible, shock-absorbing sleeve with metallic purple button covers, and a rigid backplate adorned with temperature-changing film. When you’re not touching the case, it’s mostly blue—the bumper is a bright metallic turquoise, and Case-Mate’s signature metal accent is at the bottom is an oil-slick of blue-purple-pink. When you touch the film on the back of the case, it changes from blue to purple-pink (depending on the temperature). Temperature-changing film is definitely not new, but if you fiddle with your phone frequently I think you might get some neat results. 

$50 MSRP (Case-Mate | Amazon)

For a different option, try something that lights up. I’ve seen plenty of iPhone cases with built-in lights. Usually these lights serve a functional purpose, like lighting up your face so you can take the perfect selfie. But the lights on Case-Mate’s new Luminescent case are purely aesthetic—all they do is shine light on the case’s inlaid crystals for extra sparkle. It’s just a little gimmicky…and I love it

$80 MSRP (Case-Mate | Amazon)

spigen crystal hybrid

Spigen Crystal Hybrid Glitter case

Spigen’s Crystal Hybrid Glitter case is sparkly, see-through, and has a built-in kickstand! This dual-layer case comes in two parts: a flexible, glitter-infused translucent sleeve, and a rigid bumper that snaps around the edge of your phone. Spigen says this is a rugged case, so don’t worry if you drop your phone—the case has been tested to protect your iPhone from drops of up to four feet. You can pick this case up in three colors—gold (clear glitter-infused sleeve with a gold bumper), rose (pink glitter-infused sleeve with a pink bumper), and “space” (black glitter-infused sleeve with a black bumper).

$35 MSRP (Spigen

castify pink


If glitter and bling aren’t your thing but vintage botanical drawings are, Casetify has a gorgeous selection of hand-picked art for its iPhone X Impact cases. The Impact case is a rigid translucent case lined with Casetify’s trademarked shockproof “qitech” material. According to the company, this material allows for extra protection, and the case has been tested to protect your phone from drops of up to 6.6 feet (two meters). The Impact case is clear, but you can pick the color of the qitech lining: black, baby pink, “tart” (coral/orange), or “frost” (clear/translucent).

$45 MSRP (Casetify)

incipio haven
  • Incipio Haven LUX iPhone X Case with Padded Interior...

Incipio Haven Lux case

Incipio’s Haven Lux case is simple and understated—an elegant version of that cheap plastic case you bought off Ebay. This case is lined with shock-absorbing material and has a thick edge that surrounds your phone’s screen, so even if you drop your iPhone face-down there’s a chance your screen will be saved. The Haven Lux case has been tested to withstand falls of up to six feet, and it has a glossy finish that feels awesome and resists scratches. This case comes in four chic colors: black, merlot, navy, and rose gold (shown here). 

$35 MSRP (Incipio | Amazon)

nomad clear final
  • Nomad Clear Case iPhone X Brown

Nomad Clear case

Nomad’s Clear case is perfect for those who want something a little rustic…but not too rustic. This snap-on case is made of clear polycarbonate fused to a rubber thermoplastic bumper, which adds a little lip around the edge of your phone and gives you something to grip onto. If you do happen to drop it, the case should do a good job of keeping your phone from exploding—it’s been tested to protect against drops of up to six feet. However, don’t be deceived by the name: the Clear case isn’t totally clear. Part of the back plate is covered with a square of dark brown vegetable-tanned Horween leather, which will develop a cool vintage-y patina as you use it.

$40 MSRP (Nomad | Amazon)

roxxlyn marble

Roxxlyn The Marble case (Invisible Grey)

Have an extra $200 lying around and feel like buying something frivolous? Instead of getting that cheap marble-printed phone case from Urban Outfitters (although it does look pretty cool), splurge on the absurdly luxurious Marble case from Roxxlyn. This hand-made case is made of “sun-polished” anodized aluminum and genuine gray marble stone from the Antolini facilities in Verona, Italy. Needless to say, this case isn’t exactly flexible: to put it on, you separate the aluminum bumper-like frame from the marble backplate and sandwich your phone in between. The polished sliver of marble is ultra-thin (0.7mm) and light (50 grams), so you don’t have to worry about this case adding too much bulk. Because it’s real marble, every case looks a little different, but you can choose the color of the frame: black, gold, gray, rose gold, or silver.

$186 (Roxxlyn)

speck presidio inked
  • Speck Products Presidio Inked Cell Phone Case For...

Speck Presidio Inked case

Lots of cases look great when you first get them, but then they start showing scratches and begin to fade after a couple of months. But Speck’s Presidio Inked case is built to look new for basically forever. This case is made of durable polycarbonate and is lined with Speck’s special shock-absorbing material, which means it’ll protect your phone from drops of up to 10 feet—that’s the best drop protection of any phone in this round-up.

The case features a glossy, scratch-resistant finish and comes in four bright patterns: “Milky Way,” “Donutworry” (light pink with illustrations of frosted donuts), “Holobloom” (pictured here), and “Valencia Floral” (pink flowers against a black background). The company uses a “seven-step dye sublimation process” to make sure those patterns are fully embedded in the polycarbonate, so even if you totally abuse this case, the pattern will always be bright and vibrant.

$45 MSRP (Speck | Amazon)

techarmor clear flex
Tech Armor

Tech Armor Clear Flex Protect case

Maybe your idea of “beautiful” is the iPhone X itself. If that’s your truth, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on a case that’s just going to cover up Apple’s design. Totally understandable, but instead of letting your brand-new $1000+ phone go naked, we suggest you check out Tech Armor’s Clear Flex Protect case. This case surrounds your new phone with flexible, shock-absorbing thermoplastic and protects its glass back with a hard polycarbonate shell. The back of the case also has tiny raised feet to help protect your phone’s rear-facing camera, should it slip out of your hands. Plus, it’s only 10 bucks. 

$10 MSRP (Tech Armor)