Apple in 2018: What we expect, what we want

Apple had a big year, but 2018 can be even bigger. Here's what we expect from the most valuable company in the world.

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There’s a fair chance Apple will launch some sort of new video service in 2018, it’s own competitor to Netflix or Hulu, but I think we should temper our expectations here. Apple has reportedly been trying to make an over-the-top TV service for years, but I think that ship may have sailed. What we all want is an Apple Music for television—one price (more than $10 a month of course), with unlimited commercial-free access to new TV as it airs and old TV archives. Whatever Apple's plans were, it clearly was never able to work out the licensing deals. Apple’s eventual video service is probably going to focus on original content and a sampling of older licensed movie and TV content—it’ll probably be more Netflix than Sling TV.

Also in the “coming eventually but not in 2018” bucket is AR glasses. Apple’s betting big on augmented reality, and has a better shot than anyone of producing a wearable AR product people are actually to slap on their face. It’s an enormously complex task for which the technology simply won’t be ready until at least 2019, though.

Apple’s also not going to release a car (in 2018 or ever). Apple’s probably working on some nifty car software combining some level of autonomous driving, safety, mapping, and maybe even something unique like a heads-up display. But Apple’s play there is to work with car makers to be the user-facing software platform for their cars, not to produce a car itself. Even just doing the software—without building an Apple car—would involve unraveling a complicated gordian knot of dealership laws, hardware integration, testing regulations, and more. 

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