8 top-rated iPhone X cases on Amazon

And why we think they're a good buy.

You can learn a lot from Amazon reviews. Once more than 100 people have used a phone case, you can get a pretty good idea of whether the case you're about to purchase holds up under daily use, and otherwise fulfills all manufacturer claims. So we looked at the top-rated cases on Amazon, and cherry-picked the ones we think are best.

  • Amicool Soft Liquid Silicone Cover Case (Black)

    $4.99 MSRP $18.99
    on Amazon
  • AMOVO iPhone X Wallet Case (Aqua)

    $24.95 MSRP $45.95
    on Amazon
  • MXditect Protective Case (Black)


    MSRP $59.95
    on Amazon
  • Sagmoc Hybrid Protective Case with Metal Kickstand [black]

    MSRP $9.99
    on Amazon
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case (Crystal Clear)

    $12.99 MSRP $24.99
    on Amazon
  • TORRAS Love Series (Black)

    $15.99 MSRP $35.00
    on Amazon
  • Trianium Protanium (Gold)

    $7.99 MSRP $19.99
    on Amazon
amicool iphone x silicone

Amicool Soft Liquid Silicone Protective Cover Case

Average user rating on Amazon: 5 stars
Number of reviews: 413

This Amicool case is a silicone covering with a microfiber lining. If you don’t like having a bulky case but want some added grip, this case should do the job. Silicone cases are very popular with iPhone users, and the Amicool seems to satify many customers.

amovo iphone x wallet

Amovo iPhone X Wallet Case

Average user rating on Amazon: 4 stars
Number of reviews: 176

Why carry a wallet and a phone separately when you can carry them together? The great thing about the Amovo wallet case is that the phone part is detachable, so you can separate it from the wallet part. The detachability gives you flexibility, and you don’t have to hold up a bulky item to your face when you’re taking a call.

mxdirect shockproof iphone x

MXditect Protective Case

Average user rating on Amazon: 5 stars
Number of reviews: 194

Some folks probably won’t be able to identify your phone as an iPhone X in this case—which could be a good thing. Made of rubber, the MXditect case has a loop on the corner for a lanyard. We picked this case because it’s a good compromise for someone who needs extra protection, but doesn’t want to add a tremendous amount of bulk.

otterbox defender iphone x

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone X

Average user rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars
Number of reviews: 220

You do realize the iPhone X has a glass front and back, yes? If you have a reputation of being rough with your phones, the Defender series of cases provide super protection. It adds bulk to your iPhone X, but it’s reassuring to know it can handle abuse. OtterBox is known as a reliable manufacturer of heavy-duty cases.

sagmoc iphone x

Sagmoc Hybrid Protective Case

Average user rating on Amazon: 5 stars
Number of reviews: 267

What’s nice about this polycarbonate case is that it does more than protect your phone. It has a metal kickstand for propping your iPhone X up horizontally, which is handy if you’re watching videos. (The kickstand, however, will prevent wireless charging from working.) We’re not sure why “I want personality, not trivial” is labeled on the back, but that label is actually a strap you can pull out and slide your finger into, providing a secure hold on your phone.

spigen iphone x case ultra hybrid

Spigen iPhone X Case Ultra Hybrid

Average user rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars
Number of reviews: 1,898 

The Spigen iPhone X Case Ultra Hybrid features a clear hard front and back that doesn’t interfere with the iPhone X’s aesthetics. The side bumpers provide an accent of color, and the corners feature Spigen’s Air Cushion technology to absorb shock. It’s a nice case that combines sleek looks and durability.

torras iphone x

Torras Love Series iPhone X Case

Average user rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars
Number of reviews: 482

Another silicone case with a microfiber lining, the Torras case provides a snug fit on your iPhone X. And you can keep it on if you have a wireless charger. If you’re looking for a silicone case in a wide variety of colors, check out what Torras has to offer.

trianium protanium

Trianium Protanium

Average user rating on Amazon: 5 stars
Number of reviews: 171

The Protanium is a two-piece case. The first piece is a TPU bumper case, while the second piece is a polycarbonate backplate. While the combination provides extra protection, the company says the case should work with wireless charging. It's a good case to consider if you're attracted to the 2-ply protection.