Overplaying a hand: Mac vs. PC arguments


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The Macalope worries. Mostly about reverse vampires, but also about people who think he hates anyone who uses anything but Apple products. This is simply not true.

Reverse vampires, on the other hand, are real and pose an immediate existential threat to our way of life. They just wander around during the day. You’d never suspect them. And no one in the government is doing anything about them.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

Look, if you want to use another platform—and there are many logical reasons to do so but even if, in the privacy of your own home, you want to do it for illogical reasons that’s OK, too—all he asks is that your published defenses make some sense and not go overboard.

Which is why we are here today instead of dealing with the reverse vampire problem.

Writing for the wonderful people and elves on shelves and misfit toys over at Business Insider, Matt Weinberger lays it all out.

“This is why I use an iPhone instead of Android, but a Windows PC instead of a Mac.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Peter.)

A Coke with lunch, but a Pepsi with dinner. He’s out of control. You can’t stop him.

A coworker recently asked me a good question:

How is babby formed?

Why am I so dedicated to my Apple iPhone X and Apple Watch, but vastly prefer a Windows 10 PC to a Mac? I’ve been chewing it over ever since.

Is that what that sound was? The Macalope thought someone put a bunch of gravel in a blender.

This refocusing on software has resulted in something of a Windows renaissance.

According to Gartner, sales of Windows PCs were down 3.5 percent in the third quarter of 2017. According to IDC, sales of Windows PC were down just a half of a percent. Still, as far as renaissances go, this one is short a Leonardo.

Windows 10 has embraced touchscreens…

That is actually how you enter the Windows 10 product key, you embrace the touchscreen. True story.


Styluses can be great on a tablet for artists and in certain business situations but, of course, we’re not including iPads here.

The image Weinberger supplies in support of the touch-screen-and-stylus-PC use case is him holding his arm up and using a stylus to circle a picture of the President on the vertically oriented screen of a Windows Surface Studio PC PlaysForSure for Workgroups 3.1. That use case is not helping your argument.

Also, the Macalope may have made up some of that product name, although he’s not really sure which parts.

…and even virtual reality.

Despite the fervent wishes of pundits, virtual reality simply is not here yet.

It’s made Windows 10 more flexible, and more useful, than any MacBook I’ve ever owned.

And, as we know, iOS is the bastion of flexibility compared to Android.


No one said this was all going to make sense.

I mean, there’s even a rumor that Microsoft will release a foldable tablet that looks like a notebook…

Everyone say it together with the Macalope:


Meanwhile, the Mac has stagnated. No touchscreens…

Lousy ergonomics and difficult touch targets are the height of innovation. Everyone knows this.

Again, everyone can make their own personal decisions. If gaming is the primary reason you buy a computer, you’d probably be dumb to buy a Mac instead of a PC. And Apple did take more than a year off on paying any serious attention to Mac hardware.

But part of the reason Microsoft keeps running around trying anything and everything with Windows is… what else are they going to do? Steve Jobs famously said before he came back to Apple that his plan would be to milk the Mac business and work on the next great thing. Microsoft’s plan appears to be to milk the Windows business and… uh, TBD.

The company also benefits from having dug itself into a hole with Windows 8. Windows 10 seems great when you come to it after spending a couple of years trying to figure out where everything is in Windows 8.

For now, we can agree that Microsoft wins “most improved” over the last few years, but not much of anything else. Don’t overplay their hand.

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