Death by rumor: The imagined gloomy outlook for Apple


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Fact: Apple is the most successful company in the history of the world for which everything supposedly is going horribly wrong at any given moment.

Writing for BGR, Chris Mills says “This Galaxy S9 news could make Apple’s bad day even worse.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alberto.)

Apple was having a bad day already.


Apple shares are down nearly 3 percent on Tuesday…


Another data point of interest: AAPL is up 47 percent for the year.

A report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily suggests that Apple will cut forecasts to 30 million units, down from 50 million. If true, that’s going to be a huge blow for Apple, and investors who were expecting a “super-cycle” of iPhone X sales.

What are some other Apple rumors to have been published by Taiwan’s Economic Daily? Well, that the company would introduce the Apple Watch in 2014 and it expected to make 65 million units before the end of that year (the Watch wasn’t introduced until spring of 2015 and did not ship in numbers anywhere close to 65 million units), would introduce entirely new health-tracking hardware in 2017 (still a day left to get this one right!) and would ship the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of 2011 (it didn’t ship until mid-March of 2012).

So, you might not want to just take their word for it.

But things are only getting worse for Apple…

This article reads like Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Apple-y Events. Except not entertaining.

…as South Korean paper ET News is reporting that Samsung will release the Galaxy S9 a little earlier than expected next year.

And we all know how well things go for Samsung when they rush devices to market. Bad news for Apple, but good news for fire extinguisher sales!

Simply put, that’s awful news for Apple.

What isn’t, really? “Kittens Are Adorable, How This Dooms Apple.”

People will clearly choose to spend their money on kittens instead of Apple products, you see. That’s just science, folks.

The iPhone X launched in November, a month later than usual, and supply was unusually bad.

Hey, it’s the return of “The iPhone 8 does not exist”! We haven’t seen that argument since before the iPhone X was announced. See, no, the iPhone X was not “later than usual” because Apple shipped a phone on time, the iPhone 8.

To recap, we do not know what Apple’s projected iPhone X sales are for the first calendar quarter of next year and we do not know when Samsung will ship the Galaxy S9. There are indications that Apple had a really good holiday, so the Macalope thinks that maybe, just maybe, the company will survive the first quarter of 2018.

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