Mother’s Day gift: Create a photo book in Apple Photos for Mac

Mother’s Day is May 13. Get your order in now to make sure it arrives on time.

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How to make changes to a photo book in Photos for Mac

At the bottom of the main window, you'll see ^ Photos. Click to expand this section. This area allows you to access your photos so you can make changes.

apple photo books placed photos IDG
  • Add Photos takes you to your photo library, where you can select photos that are missing from your book.
  • The Unused Photos button is actually a pop-up menu. Click it, and you also get a Placed Photos options. If Unused Photos is selected, any photos in the Album that aren't in the book appear in the area below the button. If Placed Photos is selected, the photos in the book appear.

  • The Clear Placed Photos button removes all the pictures in the book.

  • The Auto Fill button automatically puts the photos in the Album into the book.

How to replace a photo

You want to replace a photo on one of the pages. Here’s how.

replace photo in Photos IDG

1. In the main window, scroll to the page that has the photo you want to replace.

2. In the Photos section at the bottom of the page, find the photo by using Unused Photos, Placed Photos, or Add Photos, as described above.

3. Once you find the photo you want, click on it and drag it to the photo you want to replace. If there are multiple photos on a page, make sure the one you want to replace is highlighted.

How to move a page

To move a page to a new location, click on the page number and then drag to the location where you want to put that page.

move page in Photos IDG

How to modify a page layout

Right-click on a page and a Layout Options menu appears. Select it, and you will see your options for that page.

apple photo book laytout options IDG

How to delete a page

Select the page you want to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard. You'll have to confirm that you want to delete the page.

To delete multiple pages, hold down the Command key and select the pages. To select several pages in a row, hold down the Shift key, then click on the first and last pages you want to delete. Then press the Delete key.

How to add pages

To add pages, click on the Add Page icon in the upper right. You can also use this button to remove a page if you have the page selected.

apple photo book add page IDG

If you want to add multiple pages, click on the book settings icon, which is the icon next to the Buy Book button. Adjust the Number of Pages slider to the desired paged number.

apple photo book number of pages IDG

How to remove the Apple logo

Apple adorns the books it prints with an Apple logo on the inside of the back cover. To remove it, go to the book settings (the book icon next to the Buy Book button). Uncheck the box for Include Apple logo.

How to change the book's theme

Go to the book settings (the book icon next to the Buy Book button). Click Change Theme button.

How to preview a book

In the main window, right-click on the area surrounding the pages. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Preview Book. The app will then create a PDF that will automatically open in the Preview app. You can then peruse the book and check the pages.

apple photo book preview IDG

How to save a photo book as a PDF

Photos lets you save a book as a PDF, in case you want to use a different publisher for printing. To save a PDF, you can perform a preview as described above, and then in the Preview app, save the file.

The direct way to do it in Photos is to right-click on the area surrounding the pages in the main window, and then select Save Book as PDF in the pop-up menu.

How to order a photo book

When you book is ready, you can order it by click on the Buy Book button in the upper right of the app. Photos will point out any problems in your book, and you'll have the opportunity to fix them before you place an order.

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