MacOS Mojave: How to add emoji to emails in Apple Mail

Emoji are popular with text messages. Now you can use them in emails, too.

macos mojave biogger emoji

Emoji are a handy way to communicate while texting, so it seems natural for emoji to make its way into email, too. The Mail 12 app in macOS Mojave now supports emoji, and the characters available are the same ones found in iOS. 

Here’s how to add emoji into the emails you create using Mail 12.

How to add emoji in an email using macOS Mojave Mail 12

1. Create an email by clicking on the New Message button in the Viewer Window, or press Command-N.

2. At the upper right of the New Message window is the Emoji & Symbols button. It has a smiley face and is located between the Format and Photo Browser buttons. Click it.

macos mojave emoji button IDG

3. A pop-up menu will appear wherever your cursor is in the message. This shows the emoji and symbols available to you. It works just like the one in iOS; at the bottom are icons that represent the different categories into which the icons are sorted. You can also swipe up and down with two fingers to scroll through the selection.

4. Find the emoji you want to use. Click it, and it will be added at the location of your cursor.

macos mojave add emoji IDG

Once the emoji is in your email, you can select it and enlarge it by pressing Command-+, or by selecting Format in the menu bar and then Style > Bigger. You can make it smaller by selecting the emoji and pressing Command-- or by selecting Format in the menu bar and then Style > Smaller.

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