By way of comparison: Apple scared, Samsung innovative

No matter what happens, that's the constant point of view.


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No matter how well Apple does, you can always be sure that someone will write about how everything is coming up Samsung.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and halfway house for the criminally irony-deficient, Ewan Spence says the “New iPhone X Leak Reveals A Trapped And Scared Apple.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Michael Simon, Bill and David.)

Uh… OK, just for clarification, we’re talking about the same Apple that’s worth a trillion dollars, right? Just… uh… because… well.

Apple sure has boxed itself into a corner. The one with all the profit in it.


Has Apple’s financial success scared away its ability to innovate?

Have jerktastic questions replaced having a point that’s worth defending?

….details show an Apple that has sidestepped any major innovation or change, instead relying on incremental updates to the iPhone that are certainly welcome, but in many cases still fall short of the options being offered by the Android-powered competition.

Normally Apple would move the existing phones down the price curve. So, we’d see a new phone, and the iPhones X, 8 and 7 all at lower prices. But, according to the report from Bloomberg that Spence references, Apple will be releasing not one, but three new phones, all based on the iPhone X design. Because this is Apple, however, the conventional wisdom is not “Wow, that’s a lot of new phones!” but “Ho-hum, Apple is recycling designs.” Specifically the design that the rest of the industry is rushing to copy.

Meanwhile, what’s Spence’s take on Samsung’s upcoming offering? Please adjust your headrests to avoid whiplash.

“New Galaxy S10 Leak Highlights Samsung's Advanced Technology.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Ramin.)

[blink] [blink]

How does one shift gears so fast without grinding their mental transmission bare?

What, you may wonder, confirms Samsungs winnening?

…the first mass-market smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

A new kind of fingerprint reader is innovation. Facial recognition is not. Got it? Good. Now see a doctor and get rid of it. Penicillin usually works.

Spence’s conclusion:

It’s not much of a difference, and it may not be enough to swing a sale from one platform to the other on its own, but it’s nice to see that innovation is not completely dead.

We haven’t seen any of these devices yet but one thing we know for sure is that Samsung is innovative and Apple is… [squints at notes] “trapped and scared”.

Of course, there’s a very good reason Apple might be bringing the iPhone X design to the whole line and that is because it was crazy popular, despite all the dire warnings of supply cuts because of poor sales. Samsung, meanwhile, is still suffering through a genuinely lackluster cycle with the Galaxy S9. If anyone has anything to prove, it’s not the company whose name rhymes with “Smapple.”

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