Get a 12-inch 512GB MacBook for just $1,000 today

Woot is selling Apple's lightest and most portable laptop for $400 less than the normal price.

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You might think I’m nuts, but the 12-inch MacBook is my favorite MacBook. It’s the model I’m typing this on. It’s as portable as they come. Its keyboard sits refreshingly close to the surface. And today, you can enjoy some of that action yourself with the 512GB 12-inch MacBook that’s on sale for just $999.99 (down from $1,399.99) on Woot.

I’m tempted to get another one myself. This particular model comes with an Intel Core i5 dual-core 1.3GHz chip, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and that roomy 512GB SSD. Provided you’re not planning on using it for graphically intensive games or heavy video rendering, it’ll generally serve you just fine.


In a lot of ways, the 12-inch MacBook is the modern incarnation of the MacBook Air. It’s light at 2.03 pounds, and it’s so thin that it practically disappears into your bag.

Again, I especially like that for the the typing. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models stand a little too high off the desk for my tastes, while the keyboard on this model sits low enough that I sometimes feel as though I’m typing on the desk itself. It’s a butterfly keyboard, yes, but I find something slightly more satisfying about this version than its counterparts on the larger Pros.

Nor is it exactly weak. You’re not playing with the processing power of the bigger models, of course, but I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on this model fairly frequently with few if any hiccups. I can even play World of Warcraft, so long as the settings are cranked way down.

One port to rule them all

Here’s the usual customary caveat: The 12-inch MacBook only comes with a single USB-C port. That’s it. You won’t find any USB-A or HDMI ports on it—or, well, anything, really. That means that if you want to plug anything else into it—be that a mouse, an external monitor, or something else—you’re going to need to unplug the charging cable.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that this isn’t much of a problem as it seems, as it’s a MacBook that’s meant to be on the move. Also, the battery lasts far longer than what you’ll get from its bigger cousins, so I’ll sometimes keep an external monitor hooked up to it for hours before I need to recharge.

And just one final thing: Yes, Woot is a trustworthy source. We don’t feature them often, but Woot is owned by Amazon and most of the products on there are covered by Amazon’s same return policy.

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