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Retrieve files instantly or backup large files for $70 with Zoolz Cloud Backup

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Every app, photo, and document is stored on your computer, and over time you’ll run out of storage. This is a common issue nowadays, which is why cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive are so popular. The problem is that these services can be quite expensive and charge recurring fees. If you want to avoid this, you can buy 3TB of cloud storage for $69.99 with Zoolz.

This deal offers Zoolz Cloud Backup services split in half between Instant Vault and Cold Backup. As the name suggests, Instant Vault instantly allows you to retrieve stored files, making it ideal for files you’ll access regularly. On the other hand, Cold Backup has a retrieval rate of approximately 3-5 hours, which is perfect for backup and other large amounts of data you won’t retrieve often. Zoolz makes cloud storage easy to use by allowing you to drag and drop the files you wish to back up. 

You can find deals to Zoolz Cloud Backup including 1.5TB of Instant Vault and 1.5TB of Cold Backup for around $74.95, down from $2,100. However, this Macworld Shop deal drops the price even lower to $69.99.

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Zoolz Cloud Backup: Lifetime of 1.5TB Instant Vault and 1.5TB of Cold Backup - $69.99

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