He’s no Steve Jobs: Tim Cook’s existential failure

The genetic tests are back. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs.


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Here’s the thing about successful people: they come up with more dumb ideas before 10 a.m. than other people do all day. They implement more in January than other people do all year. This is just math.

Writing for Inc., Peter Cohan says, “Apple Can't Design World-Changing Hardware Anymore, So It's Doing This Dumb Thing Instead.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Chris.)

Just because a company is doing well now, it doesn't mean that it will stay that way.

This is the last fundamentally correct thing you will read in this article. Sadly, it’s the lede.

Cohan believe that Cook pales in comparison to other CEOs…

…such as Jeff Bezos and Reed Hastings who I wrote about in my new book, Scaling Your Startup…

Oh, you have a book out! Ohhh. Who could have guessed?

How Apple Is Ignoring The Steve Jobs Way

Once again we see that those who knew Steve Jobs best are not the people who worked with him day in and day out year after year, but the people who write books and try to advertise them by writing Apple link bait. No, don’t trust Tim Cook. Trust the guy who, in 2014, tried to warn you off from Apple’s stock, which has only gone up… [pretends to put on glasses and read historical chart of Apple’s share price]… 145 percent since.



Maybe he’s good at making web sites.


Suffice it to say, Cohan has long been beating the drum that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. It’s an easy drum to beat because he is literally not Steve Jobs. Also, how hard is it to beat any drum? It’s just not that hard. Get over yourselves, drum beaters.

To Cohan’s point, it’s not like Apple ever reported a decline in net profit under Jobs or had to revise its guidance in any quarter under Jobs’ tenure. Other than those two times it did exactly those two things under Jobs that The Macalope just linked to.

The remedy? Apple should target a large hardware market where it currently does not compete with a new product that taps Apple's strengths in designing hardware and managing its supply chain.

Oh! Is that all? Well, why didn’t you say so. It’s so easy.

Apple is, of course, killing it at one new market under Cook, wearables, which Cook said grew 50 percent this past quarter. Pundits were screaming about wearables before Apple released the floptastic Apple Watch, going so far as to say the company would disappear in just two months if it didn’t ship something wearable NOW. Apple’s now the big player in this market, and no one talks about it anymore. Weird.

…I doubt Apple's video service will take much market share from the likes of Netflix…

How can you not buy the book of a guy making a market share argument against Apple?

I mean, it’s gotta be hilarious, right?

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