How much of an Apple Watch ripoff is the Xiaomi Mi Watch? This much

Xiaomi is back to its old tricks but this Apple clone might be the worst of all.

xiaomi mi watch

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It’s been said that imitation is the highest for of flattery, and something tells me Tim Cook is very humbled by Xiaomi’s new smartwatch. Called the Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s newest wearable has a square face, Digital Crown, dark theme, single button—you see where I’m going with this?

You could say it’s inspired by Apple Watch, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s as close to a carbon copy as you’re going to get. With a skinable version of Android Wear, the Mi Watch is only available in China, so Apple’s legal action is likely very limited, but just take a look at how similar these two interfaces and designs are.

apple watch mi watch calls Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

You can argue that there aren’t too many ways to design a way to answer calls on a 1.5-inch screen, but even the shades of red and green are the same.

apple watch mi watch heart Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

Xiaomi has moved its heart graph to the bottom and there are some slight differences with presentation here, but for the most part, it’s awfully similar to Apple Watch’s heart monitor.

apple watch mi watch clock Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

Yeah, that’s a straight-up copy.

apple watch mi watch breathe Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

The shade of blue here is a little different, but you can’t tell me that Xiaomi had the same idea to have an abstract blue flower form on its watch face.

apple watch mi watch crown Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

No comment.

apple watch mi watch apps Xiaomi/Apple

Mi Watch (left) vs Apple Watch (right)

Yeah, square icons and a grid can’t hide the fact that Xiaomi stole Apple’s home screen concept.

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