The unwearable lightness of being: Apple’s market success

Wearables used to be all the rage.


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Remember wearables?

Of course you don’t. After all, it was allll the way back in 2014. Who can even remember what happened last week, what with all the goings on and such?

If you somehow could remember 2014 or if there was some way to, oh, say, go back and look at what was being written back in 2014 (crazy, The Macalope knows), you might be surprised.

In addition to [losing] its innovative edge, Apple risks missing the huge opportunity that exists in the fast-growing wearable space if it doesn’t come out with something soon…

Things were looking pretty dire for ol’ Apple! Things were getting a bit sticky! What a pickle!

Where was the pressure coming from?

“The pressure comes from companies like FitBit and Jawbone. ... These companies are making these devices and building an ecosystem around these wearables and Apple should certainly want to play in that,” said Rob Cihra, a senior tech analyst at Evercore Partners.

Ah, yes. FitBit…

“Fitbit to Be Acquired by Google”

And Jawbone…

“Jawbone is going out of business”

It’s true what they say. Life does come at you fast. As does Chapter 11.

Wellllp, guess that’s it for the wearables market, then. Guess we can just close the door on that tech—

“IDC: Apple's Wearables Shipments Surged Last Quarter on Popularity of Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats”

The Macalope isn’t sure who it is who posts these links in his articles but would it kill them to let him finish his sentences?

Apple’s marketshare for wearables was 35 percent last quarter. And marketshare, if you missed the entirety of the modern smartphone market to date, is the most important thing ever, or so The Macalope has read.

“Ah, but!” you say, recalling your days on the Mavis Beacon Elementary School debate team, “What about growth?”

Good question! According to IDC, Apple’s growth in shipments of wearables was 195.5 percent. That’s a fair amount of percent.

It’s worth noting that Huawei’s growth in wearables is estimated at 202.6 percent, but given these are estimates that’s roughly a tie. It is never not funny to see decimal places in these estimates, though. Keep up the hilarious work, analysts.

The fact that Apple is doing quite well in the wearables market is why most pundits don’t talk about it anymore. When someone’s on top, it’s more interesting to write stories about its faults than its successes. It’s weird, though, that all anyone ever wanted to talk about when Apple was down was it going out of business, but… that’s life, The Macalope supposes.

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