How to send messages to select iCloud accounts directly to the trash

You can effectively turn some addresses into bit buckets.

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For folks who have had Apple-managed email addresses for some time, back to the MobileMe or .Mac (dot Mac) days, you may find those old addresses are unusable because they receive mostly spam. You might have stopped giving out an address ending with or years ago, and rely just on your address.

Unfortunately, the email keeps coming! If you had an Apple account as of July 9, 2008, it will always receive messages to account,, and If the account was created between that date and September 19, 2012, it will always accept messages to and

Apple doesn’t offer a way to disable specific domains. But you can use rules to filter messages before you even see them.

  1. Log into and click the Mail icon (or use this link).

  2. Click the gear icon at the lower-left corner of the screen and select Rules.

  3. Click Add a Rule.

  4. Set the If a Message pop-up menu to “is addressed to”.

  5. Enter the account name you want to trash, like

  6. Select Move To Trash from the Then menu.

  7. Click Done and click Done again.

Repeat for other incoming addresses.

Now your incoming unwanted messages should be nipped in the bud.

mac911 make icloud trash rule details IDG

Create a rule that directs mail to an unwanted address straight into the trash.

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