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These $200 noise-cancelling headphones are only $50 now

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When it comes to audio, there are distinct advantages that come with owning a good pair of headphones. Those tiny earbuds may be great for portability, but they're not much good at truly getting you immersed in the music. (They're also particularly easy to lose when you're on a crowded train or bus.)

But headphones? These are what you wear when you really want to enjoy your music - not just let it distract you. The structure of headphones lets you easily block out background noise, and the latest models can double down on that benefit with active noise cancelling technology. But none of them do it with quite the versatility of these Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones.

If you've never had a good set of audio gear, active noise cancellation is a big feature. It doesn't just insulate you from noise, it produces sound waves with a frequency that counters the ones coming in from the outside world. That's impressive enough, and the Culture Audio V1s do it flawlessly. But you also have the option of flipping that technology on its ear by activating an ambient sound mode. This mode actually amplifies that outside sound while slightly dampening your own music - just the thing for those times when you need to keep an ear out for a doorbell or other alerts.

Either way you go, the sound inside the headphones stays crisp. That's thanks to the AptX and AAC codecs that reduce compression from your Bluetooth signal, making sure your highs stay high and the lows keep a rattle in your teeth.

The controls are extremely intuitive, with touch-sensitive exteriors that let you change tracks or adjust your volume with a simple swipe on the side. And if you do have to take a break suddenly, they make sure you never miss a beat: The music will automatically pause whenever you remove the headphones, and start up again when you put them back on.

Best of all, they're now on deep discount. You can get these Culture Audio V1 headphones for $49.99, over 75% off—and down $30 from the previous sale price.

Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones Black - $49.99

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