Recognizing game: iPhone SE praise from an unexpected source

Even Android fans tip their hats.


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If you didn’t think this timeline was weird enough, it’s about to get “cats and dogs living together” kind of weird.

Writing for AndroidCentral, Harish Jonnalagadda’s review of the iPhone SE says:

Come for the value, stay for the blistering performance and four years of software updates.

We live in strange times indeed. At least not all of it is strange and completely crappy.

Jonnalagadda is correct, of course: the second generation iPhone SE (just like its predecessor) is a terrific phone for the money. And good for Jonnalagadda and AndroidCentral for noticing that.

You wouldn't normally associate Apple with value…

The Macalope would argue that Apple’s products provide a great value per dollar spent but if you’re talking about “value” like “Value Meal” then, yeah, it’s not known for that.

Jonnalagadda’s review is spot-on so give it a read if you’re considering this phone. Or if you just like reviews of things. He’s an Android aficionado who is still able to completely get the iPhone SE’s aesthetic.

Think of it as a classic car that has been restored with a brand new engine and ceramic brakes.

The Macalope even agrees with his conclusions:

The iPhone SE is one of the best deals of 2020, but it's okay if you don't want to switch to iOS.

Even thought the iPhone SE is a great deal, it still isn’t for everyone. iOS isn’t for everyone. That’s OK. Jonnalagadda points out there are several good Android phones in the iPhone SE’s price range and hopes it inspires Android OEMs to up their game in the middle of the market. While the iPhone SE is a “cheap iPhone,” it’s not anywhere close to the cheapest phone you can buy.

Thank goodness.

We haven’t heard it much lately, but for years pundits were clamoring for Apple to produce a cheap phone. What was truly amusing was that they assumed a cheap Apple phone meant a crappy Apple phone. And they still thought that was a good idea.

In 2013 before the release of the iPhone 5c, The Macalope featured a cage match between two pundits, one who said “Yay, Apple is releasing a crappy phone to chase market share!” and another who said “Apple is about to ruin its reputation by releasing a crappy phone.”

The Macalope’s conclusion then:

Apple may release a cheaper iPhone, but The Macalope will eat his stylish suit if Apple guts its very real profits in order to chase the fairies of market share. And the company won’t make something that’s a complete piece of crap, either.

Of course you have always been able to get Android phones for way less. You can also get blocks of government surplus cheese for less. Neither provides a great smartphone experience.

Well, the cheddar’s not bad. Really solid on the drop test.

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