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Keep your distance from germs with this handy touch tool

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For better or worse, things are starting to reopen in the wake of the current health crisis. it can be exhilarating getting back out into some semblance of normalcy – but it can be nerve-wracking, too.

While the coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person, there’s also the risk of secondary infection. Studies have shown that bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 can live for hours and even days on flat surfaces such as metal and smooth plastic.

There’s no way to know how often these surfaces are being cleaned in most public spaces, so the solution is easy: Don’t touch them at all.

Enter Kontact: The Germ-Free Touch Tool. This is an unassuming brass gadget that fits in your pocket and attaches easily to any keychain. Grip the Kontact by its brass ring and use the point to push elevator buttons or enter numbers into unfamiliar keypads, all without directly touching them. Thanks to the hook, you can even open doors.

Best of all, the tool is made of 100% brass, a metal which has natural antimicrobial properties. Just give the tool a quick wipedown when you get home for extra safety, and you’re good to go.

Get ready for the great outdoors today. Pick up a 2-pack of the Kontact Clean Key today from the Macworld store for $34.99, a savings of nearly 30% off the retail price.

Kontact: The Germ-Free Touch Tool (2-Pack) - $34.99

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