Always winning: The world is Microsoft’s oyster

Will Apple’s processor transition be a boon for Microsoft?


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Are you excited about the upcoming transition? Macs to Apple silicon? No! All the Mac users switching to Windows!

[Insert the “It’s happening!” gif]

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and Institute for the Study and Understanding of the Works of Lou Bega, Ewan Spence says “Apple’s New MacBook Pro Hides An Awkward Problem.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Nick.)

Adult acne? The heartbreak of psoriasis? Unable to hit the high notes in “Someone Like You”?

Nope. It’s Apple’s transition to its own processors.

…the very nature of the move will be enough for many to consider alternatives to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

“Many people will decide improved performance is just not for them.” Very fast processors delivered in a timely manner? Uh, no thanks!

Because Apple will be focusing on new hardware and compatibility, Spence wonders:

What does that mean for the current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops?? [sic]

Maybe they’ll just stop working!!

Apple has quietly stressed that [it] is not going to suddenly drop support for the Intel-powered machines…

They’ve quietly stressed the thing that everyone already knows because it’s so obvious, uh-huh, yes.

…including the MacBook Air, but there are questions of just how strong that support will be.

You’d think Apple had never done a processor transition before. Like there was literally no history here to go on that might give you some clue as to how this will go down. Spence does not get around to mentioning that Apple’s got a pretty good track record with this kind of thing. In fact, this will be the third time Apple’s transitioned the Mac to new chips, following the Motorola 68000 to PowerPC transition in the mid-1990s and the PowerPC to Intel transition in the mid-2000s. And both of those were just fine.

On the other side, you have Windows 10.

Standing in the trees at the edge of the park dressed in an overcoat.

The ongoing support of Windows 10 is clearer and easier to understand. Apple’s future is less clear.

You got your fear. You got your uncertainty. And then there’s all the doubt. Phew. So much doubt. Looks like it’s eaten through the foundation there. You got doubt rot. Probably a good time to burn the house down, move to another country and take a new name.

That makes buying a MacBook right now a tricky proposition.

The Macalope bought the last PowerBook out of Dodge (read: Cupertino) in 2005 and guess what: it was fine. It was just fine. It was supported with software for years. He doesn’t regret that purchase at all.

Of course, there isn’t a thing that Apple has done that doesn’t mean great things for Microsoft. That’s always been true.

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