Can’t upload files in Safari? Update to Safari 14.0.3 (or drag and drop)

An update to Safari disabled the option for websites to prompt to let you upload files. It’s been fixed.

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Wth the release of Safari 14.0.1 for macOS last November, Apple introduced a bug that prevented the use of the “upload files” option on web pages. The problem persisted until February 1, 2021, when the company released the 14.0.3 update for all supported macOS releases. If you’ve had this problem, simply update Safari to make it go away.

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Drag a file onto an upload button, and it inverts; release, and the file name or list should be shown.

If for some reason, you can’t shift to Safari 14.0.3 from 14.0.1 or 14.0.2, there’s a workaround: simply drag a file or files onto the upload button. The upload buttons lights up when the cursor lands on top of them. Some sites are designed to allow drag-and-drop, and may show other animation or a confirmation as to the target. But even sites that use a simple HTML button with no special JavaScript coding can still accept files through this drag-and-drop method.

This can also be useful even with the latest Safari if you’d prefer to drag and drop items instead of using the Open dialog navigation method.

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