Alexandra GheorgheSecurity Specialist, Macworld

Alexandra is a Security Specialist, reporting on hacking and cybercrime for Bitdefender. She started exploring the cyber-security realm at the dawn of the decade - after 3-years in customer support and digital marketing in the antivirus software industry. Her PR & communications background and certified English language skills help her translate binary code into enticing news stories.

Is the IoT worth it? The real price of intelligent homes

Do you envision coming to a home that anticipates your needs and effortlessly creates the perfect environment for your maximum comfort? Then you’d better be ready to pay, because IoT gadgets are not cheap.

If Criminals Turn on Your Lightbulb, What Can They See?

Manufacturers are working frenetically to connect chip-driven lighting products and make them talk to one another and to broader networks. Thus, today’s Wi-Fi-powered lights can turn on or off on a schedule, when you enter a room, receive a Facebook message or when your favorite basketball team scores.