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Ben Waldie is president of Automated Workflows, LLC, a company offering AppleScript, Automator, workflow, and productivity consulting services to Mac-based businesses. He is also the author of Automator for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press, 2008) and AppleScripting the Finder (Automated Workflows, LLC).

Power tools: Make events on your Mac trigger iOS notifications

Combining If This Then That with OS X's Automator means you can notify yourself whenever something important happens on your Mac.

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Latest iWork update is another win for AppleScript

This week's updates to iWork significantly bolster the suite's AppleScript capabilities, which automation expert Ben Waldie says is a great thing for users.

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AppleScript makes a comeback in Numbers

Many power-users cried foul when Apple removed support for AppleScript from its Numbers spreadsheet app. Well, they can all calm down: AppleScript in Numbers is back.

The state of AppleScript: Let's not panic ... yet

Does the removal of AppleScript support from the new iWork apps herald the scripting solution's doom? Ben Waldie argues that the future is far from clear.

5 Automator workflows everyone should have

Wrap text in quotation marks, count words in selected text, create new folders, add dates to filenames, and toggle hidden files.