Christopher PhinContributor, Macworld

Christopher Phin has been writing about Apple for more than 12 years in the UK, working on MacUser, MacFormat, and Mac|Life, and he launched Tap! The iPhone and iPad magazine. He loves all Apple stuff but has a special fondness for anything made last century.

essential apps for a new iphone primary

12 essential apps for your brand-new iPhone

Make your new toy even better with these must-have apps.

think retro sleep primary

The last Think Retro column: Call it Sleep, not Shut Down

Christopher Phin says so long and thanks for all the really old hardware and software.

imac g4 primary

The iMac G4: Apple at its best

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

power mac g3 primary

How to connect an old Power Macintosh G3 (and other vintage Macs) to the Internet

Boot a Mac today, and it will be seconds before you’re connected. Boot a vintage Mac, though, and the same is unlikely to be true.

power mac g4 cube primary

Behold the G4 Cube, Apple's most epic computer ever

Let us count the reasons the Cube is awesome, even 16 years later.

quicktake 150 primary

Peek into the viewfinder of a QuickTake 150

Apple's first (OK, second) digital camera is a 16-exposure-shooting, preview-lacking, AA-battery-killing monster. But it takes a surprisingly decent picture.

wireless adb keyboard primary

Before Bluetooth, this wireless keyboard used infrared light

Before RF dongles, before Bluetooth, your keyboard could beam text to your Macintosh Classic with light—just a little slowly.

tri color primary

Tri-color printing with a StyleWriter 1500: One memory I'm glad to let fade

In which Christopher Phin finds a retro printer that's better left in the past.

appleworks 01

AppleWorks and the capriciousness of nostalgia

Christopher Phin remembers the suite that came before iWork, but not with any great fondness.

using your iphone with a bluetooth keyboard primaryhero b

Why you should use your iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard as your main travel computer

Your iPhone is more of a workhorse than you'd think—especially when you add a Bluetooth keyboard to the mix.

software dispatch primary

Revisiting Software Dispatch, 1994's Mac App Store on CD-ROM

If you had System 7, 4MB of RAM, and maybe a fax line, you could buy Mac software instantly—well, almost instantly.

look closer primary

Look closer: Macro photos of beautiful vintage Macs

This week's Think Retro is an early valentine to all the tiny details that comprise the gear we love.

backup guide primary b

The complete, easy guide to backing up your Mac

You know about Time Machine, but there are other ways to back up your Mac. We run down all of them, from clones to clouds, then tell you exactly what to do.

outlook express primary

When email was a joy, rather than a chore

This week's Think Retro salutes programs like Outlook Express 5 for Mac OS 9, and the bygone days where email felt like personal letters.