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Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. He's a prolific podcaster and the author of sci-fi novels The Aleph Extraction, The Bayern Agenda, and The Caledonian Gambit.

apple time flies logo

What to expect at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event

The first Apple event of the fall probably won’t be the last.

apple tv 4th gen 100707182 large

Does the Apple TV have a future?

Apple's set-top box is stuck in between two worlds, so does it have a future in this one?

apple store logo brazil

What Apple’s latest acquisitions can tell us about its product pipeline

Apple’s snapped up several tech companies recently, which can give us an idea of what it might be working on.

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What’s in store (and in stores) for Apple this fall

Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means: Apple announcement season!

imac macbook 2020

What the iMac refresh can tell us about Apple’s future products

Improvements to a Apple’s popular desktop Mac might make their way elsewhere.

ios13 app store hero

Time for Apple to reevaluate how the App Store does business

The App Store is the most contentious business Apple runs, and it needs some fixes.

iphone box 2020

The biggest question about the next iPhone: What’s in the box?

Your next iPhone box might come with considerably less inside.

apple google logos

iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur showcase Apple’s latest shots at Google

Apple and Google may be frenemies, but in Cupertino’s latest software roadmap, the two are poised to go head-to-head more than ever.

macos big sur 2020

The Mac never left, but it’s about to have a comeback

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a Mac user.

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What WWDC20 tells us about where its device roadmap is going

There are always hints, if you look closely enough.

wwdc2020 developer logo

WWDC20: What not to expect

There are any number of things that Apple might show off this week, but Dan Moren has picked a few that he thinks won’t make the cut.

apple wwdc2020

WWDC 2020 hopes and dreams for iOS, Macs, and more

What does Dan Moren want to see at WWDC 2020? Details on Apple's approach to ARM, iPadOS multitasking improvements, a new iOS Home screen, and more.

siri lines hero

To move forward, Siri needs a lot of attention

Apple’s shown signs that it’s investing in Siri’s future, but Dan Moren thinks that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

apple ar glasses patent illo

Looking at Apple’s AR glasses with more clarity

Rumors of an Apple smart glasses are intensifying, so Dan Moren takes a look at what exactly such a device would do and the challenges it would face.

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Reading between the lines of Apple's latest releases

Sometimes you need to judge Apple by the things it doesn’t do.