Dan MorenContributor, Macworld

Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. He's a prolific podcaster and the author of sci-fi novels The Aleph Extraction, The Bayern Agenda, and The Caledonian Gambit.

2019 imac home office

Apple tech adjustments that could help in a post-pandemic world

We’re all adjusting to a new normal, and Dan Moren thinks Apple could make some adjustments for its devices to help.

apple iphone ipad macbook

What the Mac and iPad can learn from each other

Apple’s platforms are colliding, and Dan Moren thinks they should hurry up.

iphone se 2020

The iPhone SE and iPad Pro don’t have ultra wideband. Here’s why

Ultra wideband is used for spatial awareness. Dan Moren takes a look how this missing feature affects the way you use the iPhone SE and iPad Pro.

iphone se

New Apple products that we pretty much know are coming soon, thanks to leaks

Apple’s not quite the den of secrecy it once was, so we have a pretty good idea of at least a few products to expect.

amazon prime video iphone 2020 jobs

Apple’s in-app purchase deal with Amazon could be a big deal for the App Store

Amazon Prime users can now rent or purchase videos from inside the company’s iOS app, and Dan Moren hopes that predicts big changes to come.

mojave group facetime

Three ways Apple could improve FaceTime

With all of us relying on video chat more than ever, Dan Moren thinks Apple could stand to update its offering.

craig federighi ipad pro 2020

The changing nature of Apple product releases

The current world situation has affected everything, including how Apple releases products.

messages ios icon

With iOS 14, it’s time for Apple to improve its messaging

iMessage is one of Apple’s most used features, and Dan Moren thinks iOS 14 is a good time to give it a boost.

iphone se

Bigger may be better, but good things come in small packages

Apple has many opportunities to offer products that are smaller than their current offerings, while still providing a top-notch experience.

iphone portless illo

An iPhone with no ports? It could happen in the very near future

Rumors of an iPhone sans ports arose at the end of last year, but a few recent developments have lended credence to the speculation.

ios14 fake logo

What we could see in iOS 14

As we plow through winter, Dan Moren is looking to the tea leaves to see what Apple might have in store for the next major update to its mobile OS.

2018 11 inch ipad pro

What to look for in the next iPad Pro

Dan Moren rounds up the latest rumors about an upcoming refresh to the high-end of Apple's tablet line-up.

icloud icon 2015

Folder sharing brings iCloud Drive closer to Dropbox, but there’s work left to do

Dan Moren moved to iCloud Drive from Dropbox last year, but there are still a few missing features that Apple should deliver.

homepod white 02 idg stock

3 products that need extra attention from Apple in 2020

Many of Apple’s product categories are performing like gangbusters, but there are a few places where the company could stand to invest more.

apple macbook ipad iphone 2020

4 places where Apple can improve its integration of hardware, software, and services

Apple prides itself on its integration between hardware, software, and services. But even it misses sometimes.