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Dan has been writing about all things Apple since 2006, when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. He's a prolific podcaster and the author of sci-fi novels The Aleph Extraction, The Bayern Agenda, and The Caledonian Gambit.

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Two important ways Apple is preparing for life after the iPhone

Even if iPhone sales slow, Dan Moren thinks Apple’s forward-looking nature makes it well prepared for any future.

ipad multi user

The iPad, HomePod, and Apple TV need multi-user support. Here’s why

Apple seems to believe that each of its products is used by one person and one person only. Dan Moren thinks it’s time ithe company was disabused of that notion.

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3 features from other Apple products that the Mac and iPhone need

Apple’s latest features don’t always make it to all of the company’s products. Here are three examples of tech that Dan Moren thinks should make the jump from one platform to another.

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Chips ahoy: The Mac’s transition to Apple processors is happening sooner than you think

In the wake of Apple’s blazing new iPad Pro, Dan Moren thinks the Mac’s switch to Apple-designed processors is coming, and soon.

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4 Apple products and technologies that are running out of time

This week’s Apple event saw the revival of two product lines, but it also hinted at the end of the road for some of Apple’s technologies.

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The iPad Pro and the MacBook are on a collision course

With new iPads and possibly a new MacBook on the horizon, next week’s Apple event will tell us where the company’s mobile computing strategy is headed.

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What to look for at Apple’s Oct. 30 event, besides iPads and Macs

Sure, we’re all expecting new iPads and Macs at Apple’s October event, but Dan Moren thinks there are a few smaller things to keep your eyes out for too.

google oct2018 event

3 features Apple should borrow from Google’s latest hardware

Google unveiled a lot of new hardware this week, and while Dan Moren’s not about to give up his Apple devices, there are some features that Cupertino could implement.

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The HomePod’s growing pains

Dan Moren's turned his HomePod into an AirPlay speaker, but he believes there's a lot more promise to the device if Apple can just figure out what it wants from it.

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macOS Mojave and the future of the Mac

While one of Mojave's signature features involves running iOS apps on the Mac, Dan Moren thinks the latest macOS update proves Apple is still interested in keeping the Mac a tool for power users.

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Siri Shortcuts: Opening up Siri’s next chapter

iOS 12’s Siri Shortcuts marks a big improvement to the virtual assistant’s functionality, but Dan Moren thinks it’s just scratching the surface.

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The iPhone XS: An innovation dilemma

It might be the best iPhone Apple has ever made, but Dan Moren wonders if the iPhone XS signifies a slowdown in smartphone innovation.

apple event sep12 2018

What not to look for at the Sept. 12 Apple event

With an Apple event next week, Dan Moren thinks it’s important to go through the products that Apple will probably not show off or talk about on stage.


Reading the tea leaves: Technologies Apple might be interested in

Apple’s always got ideas up its sleeve, and Dan Moren has taken a look at a handful of technologies the company might be interested in.

mac mini 2018

When the Mac mini goes pro, will the pros get Mac minis?

Rumors of a “professional” Mac mini have surfaced, but Dan Moren’s not so sure that word means what you think it means.