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Simplify your cloud storage with this content manager

Backup your data and transfer files easily between devices

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Simplify your streaming with 70% off this ad-free media aggregator

BitMar gets you access to millions of videos and songs, all under one roof.

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Score lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and more with this app bundle

The lifetime bundle lets you read more books, learn a new language and more while you're stuck at home.

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Canva Pro is a dream come true for new graphic designers

The editing tool features easy importing and a solid user interface both design newbies and veterans are sure to love.


Using iMazing is like hiring a moving company for your iOS data

iMazing 2 lets you easily transfer photos, music and more

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Track (and change) your sleep habits with this tiny device

GO2SLEEP gives you all the data you need on your sleep habits

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7 smart ways to lower your stress levels

These apps and courses can train your consciousness and calm your mind

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5 deal to keep you entertained while you social distance

Streaming services, apps designed to de-stress your pet and more are all on sale.

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Magiclingua helps you start speaking a new language in just 10 weeks

There’s a new language learning app in town, and it's on sale.

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Staying home? Learn a new skill for cheap StackSkills Unlimited

Master coding, design, marketing, and more.

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Turn your iPhone into a tiny DSLR camera with these accessory lenses

High-quality glass for better iPhone photography.

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9 new skills to learn while you're staying at home

Master a range of skills, from music to drawing, without leaving your home.

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Add a second screen to your MacBook with this portable display

Save $70 on this work-from-home essential.

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This $50 sonic toothbrush comes with a UV sanitizer for better oral hygiene

A smart alternative to pricier brand-name brushes