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Get a Lifetime Of Noiselab's Music Production Training For Just $29

A lifetime membership to Noiselab grants you access to 45 hours of Ableton training.

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Improve Your Reading Speed And Comprehension With The Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle ($19)

If you’re a slow reader, trudging through thousands of pages may seem discouraging. However, with this speed reading bundle, you can practice your speed and comprehension skills for $19, or 96% off.

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This Platform Is Making Management of Apple Devices Easy

Jamf Now is a cloud-based solution that delivers Apple management and security with just a few minutes of setup.

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Clip Studio Paint Pro, The Renowned Animation Software, Is 50% Off Today ($30)

If you’re looking for a popular, robust digital drawing tool, Clip Studio Paint has you covered with Pro and Ex editions.

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Transfer All of Your iOS Data Between Devices With iMazing 2, Now Just $20 (75% Off)

Apple lets you back up your old iPhone with iCloud, but it only offers 5GB of free storage, and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for additional storage. If you want a better method of transferring files between your mobile devices and computer, you can find a universal license for iMazing 2 here for 75% off.

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Get BusyCal 3, The Award-Winning Calendar App, For Just $20 (60% Off)

If you’re an avid planner with thousands of tasks, projects, and events to keep track of from month to month, your default calendar app simply won’t cut it.

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You Can Get 100+ Hours Of iOS 12 Development Training For $29 (90% Off)

With this $29 Essential iOS 12 Development Bundle, you can discover what’s new in iOS 12 and learn how to create your own iPhone apps.

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Sign Up for Audible and Receive a 60-Day Free Trial and 2 Free Audiobooks

Audible usually costs $14.95 a month, but you can sign up for a 60-day free trial through the Macworld Shop.

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Get Pagico 8, The Elite Task Manager For Mac, For Just $19 (62% Off)

Managing hundreds of tasks can be a pain if we don’t have a way to structure our lives. Luckily, technology offers us ways to address these new challenges; Pagico 8 is one such app that you can use to better organize your life, and it’s currently on sale for $19.

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Apple's dropping Back To My Mac Remote Access. Here's an Alternative, Currently Discounted.

RemotePC by iDrive lets you connect to your work or office computer securely from anywhere, and from any iOS or Android device. Right now their 50 computer package is 90% off or just $6.95 for your 1st year.

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Get a Lifetime Subscription To Stone River's 2000+ Hours Of Tech Training For $59

Stone River is an eLearning service dedicated to all things tech, so subscribers can find courses on topics such as modern web development, cybersecurity, machine learning, and more.

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Get Chase Jarvis's Smartphone Photography Guide For Just $9

This $9 Quick Guide To Smartphone Photography & Video contains tips and tricks on how to best utilize your iPhone X's camera.

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Pay What You Want For The Ultimate Productivity Mac Bundle ft. 2Do

Here’s how this deal works: just pay what you want, and you’ll be granted access to one of the apps in the Ultimate Mac Bundle. If you can beat the average price, you’ll receive all 10 apps.

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Save On These Must-Have Accessories For Your Favorite Apple Products

To help celebrate Apple's latest announcement event, we’ve rounded up 6 accessories that’ll pair well with whichever Apple device you plan on snagging this year.

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Learn How to Create a Bitcoin Price Tracker and More with this $15 iOS & Xcode Bootcamp

If you’re an aspiring app developer looking to launch your first app alongside iOS 12’s official release, the iOS 12 & Xcode 10 Bootcamp includes tips and tricks on how to create iOS apps, and it’s currently on sale for $15.