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5 predictions for Mac security in 2018

Here's one example: Ransomware is shaping up as the king of malware, and Apple users are far from immune.

Five simple steps to keep your Mac safe from hackers

Even Apple users need to protect their data and online privacy, and keep their device secure.

macOS – A Carrier for Windows Viruses

Do Macs play a role in spreading malware? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Adware – The Most Prolific Form of Malware on macOS

Did you know? Adware can monitor Mac activities without consent, and some forms try to disable anti-malware protection.

How to Secure Your Mac – Part 2

Advanced settings allow users to set up firmware passwords and two-factor authentication

How to Secure Your Mac – Part 1

The newest macOS features built-in security features – but users with older OS’s can protect their privacy and devices with these simple techniques.

Protecting your Mac data: Introduction to Time Machine Protection and Safe Files

Safeguarding Mac data isn’t complicated. Use the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac for added security.