Glenn FleishmanSenior Contributor, Macworld

Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books. His most recent, updated for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Big Sur, are Take Control of iOS and iPadOS Privacy and Security, Take Control of Your Apple ID, Second Edition, and Take Control of Wireless Networking and Security. He’s a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes Mac 911.

macos big sur finder

How to lock files in macOS Big Sur's Finder

The Finder lets you lock files, but some aspects are a little obscure.

mac911 ukelele keyboard screenshot

Put emoji, math, and other symbols at your fingertips with a custom Mac software keyboard

If you’re a frequent user of hard-to-access symbols, a third-party tool can let you create a faster solution.

macos big sur messages icon

How to share your Mac’s screen the quick and easy way in Messages

Need to help someone by seeing what they’re up to or get help yourself?

time machine el cap icon 100645774 orig

How to reserve Time Machine space on an APFS drive

Apple has specific advice on making additional volumes on a backup volume, but it needs some explanation.

safari 14 mac icon big sur

What Apple operating systems work with iCloud Tabs across devices?

An excellent feature for accessing the same tabs everywhere, when it doesn’t work, there’s no button to click to fix it.

macs pixabay

Mac screen sharing won’t work? Disable it! Then turn it back on

Paradoxically, you may have to turn off screen sharing in order to get it to allow sharing.

macos 11 big sur battery icon

macOS Big Sur’s battery optimization: You can’t do much to tweak laptop settings

Apple relies on your behavior over time balanced against battery wear, but doesn’t let you tweak its choices.

ios14 iphpne scan notes

How to scan documents in Notes and third-party apps on the iPhone and iPad

The Notes app hides a powerful document-scanning option, but you can find even better ones if need be.

apple macbook power adapter

How to figure out if a MacBook power adapter or battery has gone bad

There are really three components in a laptop relating to charging a battery.

macos big sur music app icon

How to enable the iTunes Store in the macOS Music app

If you want to purchase songs and albums, why doesn’t the option appear?

font book macos big sur

How to make use of typographic refinement in Pages and other macOS software

Apple has built in many features that are a bit hard to find and understand for tweaking type and adding flourishes.

apple pay cash hero

How to get an accounting of your Apple Cash transactions

You don’t have to scroll through Wallet to find what you spent and received.

cyberpower sl700u h l

CyberPower SL700U standby UPS review: Great for keeping your home network going during power outages

This UPS isn’t the right fit for modern computers, but it’s perfect for keeping your internet connection alive.


keynote revert to

How to restore a previous version of your Pages, Keynote, and other documents in macOS

Apple’s Mac apps and those of some other developers auto-save and let you browse past versions.

internet web browser https / url address bar

Lost text in a browser form submission? Avoid it with an extension or a clipboard add-on

It’s so easy to navigate away from a page, click submit too early, or suffer from a Web site error—and lose everything you typed.