Glenn FleishmanSenior Contributor, Macworld

Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including Take Control of Zoom (May 2020), a deep dive into how to best use that videoconferencing software. He’s a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes Mac 911.

apple mail 9 mac icon

How to make sure your sent email is copied to the right location in Mail

You can store your Sent mailbox on a server or in a Sent folder on a device.

photos icon

How to load a massive amount of data into Photos on a Mac set to Optimize Mac Storage

Your Mac has 128GB of storage and you have 600GB of photos. What to do?

safari favicon

How to refresh the tiny tab icons in Safari when they start disappearing

Favicons have a long and odd history, and you can clear Safari’s cache.

time machine high sierra icon

Time Machine: No FAT or exFAT drives, only HFS+ and APFS

While macOS can mount and interact with hard drives formatted as FAT or exFAT, Time Machine can’t deal with them.

mac911 restore time machine

How to manage the dance of disk images, Time Machine, and excessively large backups

There’s a complicated balance to maintain so you keep backups up to date.

macbook pro keyboard command button

A game of cat and Mouse Keys on the Mac

Fluffy can be thwarted by changing an accessibility setting.

macos printer icon

Printer preference pane freezing? Here’s how to reset macOS’s printing system

If you don’t see printers and every move you make causes rainbows to appear, try these options.

macos generic software installer icon

What to do if you’re worried about the legitimacy of a downloaded software installer

Apple developers get an extra layer of security that you can check.

keys on a keychain / key ring / password management / binary code overlay

How to create a backup plan to restore passwords if your system fails

Having multiple copies of your data is great, unless you can’t access passwords required to unlock them.

macos high sierra menu bar spotlight

How to open items in the enclosing folder directly from a Spotlight search in macOS

There’s a keyboard shortcut and a few other hidden tricks.

apple id loging

Apple ID: How to change your email address

If you’re about to leave a job or abandon an address, make changes first.

mac finder icon

A Windows update may have broken your Mac’s access to shared servers. Here’s how to fix it

The update invalidates credentials, but doesn’t explain how to re-connect.

macos catalina screensaver pref

macOS Mojave: No more controls for photo album screensavers

You can no longer go backwards and forwards through images in the photos you selected.

apple cinema display

Trying to make an old Apple display work with your new Mac ? It’s no longer worth it

At some point, you have to cut the cord. Modest- and mid-sized monitors are more affordable than ever.

google calendar icon

Google Calendar sync with macOS was broken

It appears to be Google’s problem, and you’re not alone.