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Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books. His most recent, updated for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Big Sur, are Take Control of iOS and iPadOS Privacy and Security, Take Control of Your Apple ID, Second Edition, and Take Control of Wireless Networking and Security. He’s a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes Mac 911.

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How to fix the 'untrusted_cert_title' error when reinstalling macOS

This problem appears to be one of the past, but readers keep encountering it.

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How to erase an encrypted Mac volume if you don’t need its contents

You don’t need a password if you’re just trying to erase a drive.

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Apple ID adds recovery key option, but it’s not yet ready for you to use

Apple adds back in an option for your Apple ID that can deter hijacking. However, the company hasn’t yet updated its password-recovery websites. Avoid for now.

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How to fix your network when you see ‘Another device is using your IP address’

Your local network or your Mac may have the wrong addresses configured.

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How to turn your phone hotspot into a home broadband network

Some smartphone plans include substantial use of the phone as a hotspot. You can leverage this via macOS.

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Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock review: Turns a Thunderbolt 3 Mac into a port-festooned powerhouse

All the ports and then some to extend and complement a Mac.

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How to recover data from a Mac with T2 or FileVault encryption and without a password

The owner may have died or is incapacitated, or you or someone else has simply forgotten an administrative password, making the contents irretrievable.

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How to paste text without formatting on a Mac

Just the characters, please, no styles.

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How to tell if your USB-C cable is USB only or supports Thunderbolt 3

Logos help, but without them, you’re nearly at a loss.

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CyberPower PFC Sinewave UPS review: This is the perfect power backup for most PCs and Macs

The combination of features, including a programmable front-panel LED, makes this unit ideal for most computer owners.


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How to tag and talk to individual people in group messages in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

You can both avoid bothering everyone in a group chat or highlight one or more people.

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How to use the Wi-Fi button in the iOS Control Center to deal with weak networks

You can use this “soft” off button to help manage network connection issues.

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When deleting a song from iTunes or Apple Music in macOS, where does it go?

iTunes and Music lack a Recently Deleted album. But you can find songs you deleted in those apps in the Trash.

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How to manage alarms based on your sleep pattern in iOS 14

You can still pick your own wake-up time.

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How to consolidate mail from multiple Macs using Apple Mail

Import messages from other machines into your master copy.