Glenn FleishmanSenior Contributor, Macworld

Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including Take Control of Zoom (May 2020), a deep dive into how to best use that videoconferencing software. He’s a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes Mac 911.

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How to stream music to your stereo without an AirPort Express

Apple’s old base station had a feature many loved: it was an AirPlay music streamer.

facetime zoom mac icons

How to use Zoom or FaceTime with an Apple TV (or any TV)

Make other people’s faces larger, but watch out for the audio.

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The problem with Apple Mail’s junk filtering

If your email provider changes how it marks messages as spam, they have to provide controls, too.

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Tips for replacing an Apple AirPort network

With Apple’s Wi-Fi base station units ever older in people’s homes, here’s how to replace them.

ios13 two factor

Your iPhone unexpectedly says you’re trying to log in from far away. Time to change your password!

With Apple’s two-factor authentication, any alert you get about a far-away log in should be heeded.

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Photos for macOS stops syncing? Here’s one way to fix it

You may need to force a full iCloud Photos resynchronization.

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Do you use Wi-Fi Calling? Here's how to check if it’s active on your iPhone

Wi-Fi Calling is a helpful feature in improving call quality, but seems to turn itself off.

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How to share downloaded apps across users on a Mac

Apple lets every user on a Mac launch apps available to all users, but the licensing may trip you up.

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The best way to video chat with mom on Mother’s Day

The traditional Mother’s Day brunch is out the window, so set up a virtual window with mom and other family for May 10.

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Why you might have a different count of images in Photos in different places

Referencing images on your Mac will prevent their upload, among other factors.

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Wireless mesh networks: Everything you need to know

There are genuine benefits behind the hype for mesh Wi-Fi technology.


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How to mute audio on your Mac browser when you don’t know where it’s coming from

All major desktop browsers offer a simple way to see which tabs are playing sound and quickly mute them.

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Take safety seriously: Stop using bulgy batteries and smoking monitors

Working from home may be leading people to making decisions that can endanger their health and safety.

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How to use a new monitor with an old Mac

A lot of the focus has been plugging old Apple displays into newer Macs, but the reverse is possible, too, if it’s got enough ports.

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How to use iCloud to cope with a Mac that’s low on storage

Before you try to migrate your data, you need to make changes and potentially change subscriptions.