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J. R. is a recovering filmmaker whose writing has appeared in Mac|Life and TechRadar.

audio design desk mac icon

Audio Design Desk review: Make impressive video soundtracks without breaking your budget

Whether for social media videos, independent feature films, or anything in-between, Audio Design Desk makes it fast, easy, and fun to build an impressive soundtrack.

optics mac icon 2021

Boris FX Optics 2021 review: Hollywood visual trickery, now for digital photos

The definitive digital toolbox for photos, Optics is designed to simulate optical camera filters, specialized lenses, film stocks, and a lot more.

pdf squeezer 4 mac icon

PDF Squeezer 4 review: Elegant, inexpensive way to cut documents down to size

PDF Squeezer allows you to compress PDF files quickly and easily. Simply click on the file you need compressed, and drag-and-drop it into the app.


Mauvio review: One-tap audio clean up on iPhone videos

Mauvio brings industry-leading audio processing tools to mobile videos with an easy-to-use workflow that helps make a bigger splash on social media, create viral videos, and engage with your audience.

parallels 16 icon

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac review: Standing at the crossroads of Mac’s future

Reengineered with macOS Big Sur in mind plus the usual performance and feature enhancements, Parallels Desktop 16 makes it a snap to run other operating systems as virtual machines on your Mac.

directive mac icon

Directive review: Reminder app designed with home and auto needs in mind

Stay up to date on routine home and automobile maintenance to reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and provide peace of mind.

camera frontback ios icon

Camera FrontBack review: Stay in the action with picture-in-picture camera app

Captures real-time video from the front and rear iPhone cameras at the same time, superimposing one on top of the other.

ais display 3 icon

Air Display 3 review: Turn spare iOS devices into extra Mac displays

Use up to four iOS devices into extended displays for your Mac using a Lightning to USB cable or local Wi-Fi network.

nifty file list mac icon

Nifty File Lists review: Easily turn files and folders into metadata spreadsheets

Nifty File Lists allows you to save file lists in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Pages-friendly CSV (Comma-Separated Values), TSV (Tab-Separated Values), and even HTML formats.

houdahgeo mac icon

HoudahGeo 6 review: Mac geotagging app now plays nice with Apple Photos

Add geotags to photos shot using DSLR cameras without built-in GPS hardware, or edit geotag information embedded in existing digital photos.

watchsmith watch faces

Watchsmith review: Personalize your Apple Watch with custom complications

Watchsmith has an extensive collection of highly customizable complications, each of which can be precisely adjusted to fit your desired function and appearance.

roland go livecast with iphone

Roland Go:LiveCast review: Hardware/app combo for iPhone improves any livestream

A simple, affordable way to bring superior production values to your webcasting with a fully featured hardware/app combo lets you mix sound, play media, and more without costly A/V gear.

netnewswire 5 ios icon

NetNewsWire 5 for iOS review: Venerable RSS reader app even better on mobile

Fast, stable, free, and open source RSS reader that shows articles from favorite blogs and news sites while keeping track of what you’ve read.

kiwi gmail mac icon

Kiwi for Gmail 2 review: A better way to experience G Suite on your Mac

Transforms Gmail and all of the G Suite apps into a sophisticated, full-powered desktop client.

iclock mac icon

iClock review: Amazingly versatile, super customizable Mac menu bar clock

iClock replaces the standard macOS menu bar day and time with a more customizable, full-featured experience.