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Jason was lead editor at Macworld for more than a decade and now writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable.

ipad pro pencil smart keyboard 2020

Why is the 2020 iPad Pro such a minor upgrade?

The new iPad Pro has a few notable updates, but it’s not really any faster than the previous model. So why bother with an upgrade? Jason Snell has some theories.

2019 imac home office

Tips for the Mac user new to working from home

Learn about the tools, techniques, and behaviors that can help you work more efficiently on your Mac or iPad from home.

apple new ipad ipad family 091019

Cursors on the iPad? Bring them on

The iPad's strength is in its adaptability. Adding true mouse support will only add to its power.

wwdc 2019 keynote

What happens if (and when) Apple cancels WWDC 2020?

How does Apple communicate with its developers if it cancels its developer conference?

iphone macbook ipad apple

ARM Macs are coming, three years after Apple’s attitude change

It was easier to stay on Intel, but the Mac’s future requires a chip transition. Jason Snell explains.

ipad 2019 lineup

File lessons the iPad needs to learn from the Mac

So we can see files now. Great! Time for smarter AirDrop and default apps.

apple product family 2020

Why is Apple rolling out new OS features in February?

Mid-cycle feature updates benefit users and developers. Let’s make it a habit.

iphone se review mrv 010 59

Surprise! Cheaper Apple products are hits

Apple’s changing focus on services and accessories may mean more low-end buying options

tim cook sep10 event

Apple’s record quarter: Don’t try to trick Tim Cook

A lot can be gleaned from Apple’s financial results announcement, but you won’t get much from the Apple CEO about future products.

original ipad

iPad at 10: Why apps made the iPad a success

The App Store and iWork saved the iPad from being “just a big iPhone.”

apple logo black white

It’s time for new hardware at the center of Apple’s home strategy

Jason Snell says it’s time for Apple to build a product that makes your home smarter and more secure.

brydge pro keyboard ipad sizes

Why the iPad needs to embrace mice and trackpads

Support for external pointing devices in iOS 13 is very much a first draft. In doing so, the platform could reap some surprising rewards.

ios 13 iphone

2020 iOS Predictions: iPad Pro and so many iPhones

2019 was a relatively quiet year for the iPhone and iPad. Jason Snell thinks that things could get more interesting in 2020.

2019 imac family

The Mac in 2020: New keyboards, ARM Macs, and an iMac reboot?

2019 was a transitional year for the Mac. Will 2020 be truly revolutionary? Jason Snell has some thoughts.

apple logo 2

2019 predictions in review: iPhone price drops, Catalyst letdown

Every year, Jason Snell makes a combination of predictions and wishes for the next 12 months. How did his 2019 list turn out?