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Jason was lead editor at Macworld for more than a decade and now writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable.

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2019 iOS wishlist: Better iPhone prices, smaller phones, and iPad software updates

What can Apple do to improve the iPhone, iPad, and iOS in 2019? Jason Snell has a few ideas.

Apple - Mac-mini desktop family

Why 2019 could be an enormous year of change for the Mac

2019 could be a year where everything changes for the Macintosh. Jason Snell explains.

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What came true and what didn’t for Apple in 2018

Jason Snell ended last year with hopes and dreams for 2018. Here's a look at what became reality and what didn't.

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The new Apple Pencil made me a believer

The Apple Pencil isn't just for artists and hand-note-takers. It just needed better software and hardware to broaden its appeal.

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Is Apple’s TV streaming service bound for Apple TV competitors?

The Apple Music-Amazon Echo deal could be a sign of things to come for Apple TV. Jason Snell explains.

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How an Apple TV stick could make Apple’s video streaming service an instant hit

Expanding the Apple TV ecosystem could turn out to be key to the success of Apple’s upcoming video service.

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Top 10 iPad features we’d like to see in iOS 13

The new iPad Pro hardware is great and Apple needs to invest in upgrades for iOS to take advantage of it. Here are a few ideas for new features.

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Why the MacBook Air might spell the end of configurable Macs

Apple’s approach to iPads and iPhones may dramatically change how we shop for Macs in the future.

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The rules of magnetic attraction in Apple products

The role of magnets in products such as the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and now the iPad, has grown. How do they work?

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Apple’s latest record quarter: Why Apple loves China but hates sales figures

It’s worth reading between the lines of the federally-mandated financial disclosure tables and listening to the specifics of the Apple’s ritual phone call with financial analysts to see what else is on the company’s mind.

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iPhone XR: Hands-on and first impressions

Jason Snell got his hands on a new iPhone XR. Here are his thoughts after a few hours with the phone.

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Why Photoshop on iOS is a huge win for the iPad Pro

It's a huge shot in the arm for the iPad Pro and another sign of where Apple’s platforms are going in the future

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USB-C on the iPad Pro: What it could mean for users

If the iPad Pro adds USB-C, iOS needs to add better device support to make it work.

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Why are Apple Watch faces such a mess?

The key to the watchOS user interface needs isn’t getting the attention it deserves from Apple.

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Why iOS apps on the Mac will not just improve the Mac, but iOS, too

Adding features to make iOS apps more palatable to the Mac could end up making the iOS experience better, too.