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Jason was lead editor at Macworld for more than a decade and now writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable.

ios10 lock screen music iphone ipad

What the iPhone, iPad, and iOS need in 2018

What would Jason Snell like to see from Apple this year?

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The T2 chip makes the iMac Pro the start of a Mac revolution

Sure, it's the fastest Mac ever made, but the T2 chip is what really makes it different.

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What the Mac needs in 2018

A collection of hopes, dreams, and wild ideas for the Mac in 2018.

apple product family 2017

Apple in 2017: Grading my predictions

Jason Snell had high hopes for Apple in 2017. Did the year meet his expectations?

Apple - iMac Pro [2017]

Should you buy an iMac Pro? Here are the reasons why and why not

Apple most powerful Mac is an attractive computer. But do you really need it?

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What can Apple learn from its terrible week of bugs?

Apple has had to deal with serious security flaws lately. Why is this happening, and what can be done about it?

iPad with keyboard in kitchen

The case against building an iOS laptop—and why it might happen anyway

There are a lot of interesting arguments against Apple making an iOS laptop.

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Why Apple’s next laptop should run iOS

It's time to start considering all the places iOS can go that it hasn’t been able to go before.

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Apple’s laptop designs are cornering Mac users

Let's hope that the next generation of MacBook and MacBook Pro models show a little more diversity—designs with their own personalities and strengths and weaknesses.

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Apple prepares for its biggest holiday season ever

The IPhone will fuel Apple's first quarter of 2018. But don't count out the Mac and iPad.

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Why Face ID makes security on the iPhone X invisible

Face ID is the most drastic change to how we use our iPhones that Apple has ever done. And it’s for the better.

13in macbook pro touch bar silver 2017

Three MacBook mistakes: Will Apple correct course?

Every so often Apple makes a decision that it thinks is right and is ultimately proven to be completely wrong. Will Apple reconsider some of the decisions it has made with the MacBook?

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How to set up your iPhone for disaster alerts

Here’s how to set up your iPhone so you can filter out unwanted texts and call, but still get important alerts.

Apple TV and television viewer

Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’ is just the first of Apple’s major TV deals

The Steven Spielberg deal is huge for Apple's original TV content. But can the company use the momentum to compete with Netflix, Hulu, HBO and others TV services?

apple watch 3 sept2017 event

Apple won’t reveal Apple Watch sales figures, but it’s not alone

Apple gets criticized for not revealing actual sales numbers, but companies like Amazon and Netflix do the same thing.