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Review: Eight iPad stands for the desk or floor

You don't always want to hold your iPad. For those times you want your hands free for other tasks, we took a look at eight stands for a desk, table, counter, or floor.

Review: Seven iPad stands for on-the-go use

When shopping for an iPad stand, options and features abound, but perhaps the most important characteristic is whether it’s made to stay on your desk or to be carried with you. We rounded up seven portable iPad stands small enough to fit in your laptop or tablet bag.

Review: X-Doria's Dash Folio Felt case protects the iPad, but fails to stand out from the crowd

If you can overlook the clashing of felt and fake leather, the Dash Folio Felt is a decent choice for basic iPad protection.

Review: Moshi's Origo for iPad is protective, but too bulky

Moshi’s Origo is a solid choice for iPad owners who are uninterested in the Smart Cover and looking for a thick and simple silicone shell.