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apple carplay 2018

Just say no to Apple Car: Apple hasn't shown us that it's ready

Getting into the automotive industry would require Apple to make big changes to its culture and image.

apple watch nike

Nike is offering 20 percent off all its Apple Watch Series 3 models

Enter a code, and you'll save big on both the GPS and cellular version of Apple's latest smartwatch.

Macworld Podcast 619

Apple’s A12 CPU, Apple All Access, Audience Hot Takes

Thoughts on Apple’s upcoming A12 processor, what if Apple had an All Access plan, hot takes from the audience, and your comments and questions.

saddleback boot leather iphone case corners hero1

Saddleback Boot Leather iPhone Case review: These boots were made for talkin’

Saddleback Leather’s new iPhone X case is handcrafted from a single piece of leather, and it’s a beauty.

acer g247hyl monitor display

Get an external monitor for your MacBook Pro for just $100 today

Amazon is selling Acer's 23.8" G247HYL monitor for just $100 today, down $50 from its usual price.

battle for azeroth key art

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth review: The world is enough

The latest expansion is a tiny step back in some ways, but it’s also a reminder that Azeroth itself is one of WoW's biggest draws.

GoodNotes on 9.7-inch iPad

Get the 2018 9.7-inch iPad for the best price we’ve seen to date

Staples is offering the new iPad for $40 off.

macbook cropped

Today only, get a 12-inch MacBook for as little as $700

Looking for portability above all else? Apple's regular MacBook is one of the best machines you can get.

elago w3 apple watch charging stand

This Macintosh-inspired Apple Watch charging stand is on sale for just $9

It's a charging stand. It looks like an old-school Mac. And we love it.

reigns game of thrones hero

Reigns: Game of Thrones preview: Who knew the best Game of Thrones game would be so simple?

An upcoming game smartly reinvents the popular ‘Reigns’ for iOS with a Westerosi cast.

Macworld Podcast

Mac rumors, iPhone rumors, Apple Watch rumors, and more rumors

Rumblings about what could happen this fall from Apple. Plus, your comments and questions.

pokemon go on apple watch

Yes, Pokémon Go works for weight loss, but don’t get too caught up in catching ‘em all

Pokémon Go all but explicitly encourages exercise, but it can also slow you down.

27-inch iMac by Apple

Today only, get a 21.5-inch iMac for less than $1,000 at Best Buy

Whether you want it for school or home, it's a good machine for a good price.

blackmagic egpu hero

Blackmagic eGPU review: A beautiful MacBook Pro graphics booster with no room to grow

It's attractive and silent, but it's not the best graphics upgrade you can get.

13 inch macbook pro with touch bar

Save $400 on a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at B&H today

Last year's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is selling for as little as $1,399 over at B&H Photo today.