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Liviu Arsene is the proud owner of the secret to the fountain of never-ending energy. That's whatss been helping him work his everything off as a passionate tech news editor for the past couple of years. He is the youngest and most restless member of the Bitdefender writer team and he covers mobile malware and security topics with fervor and a twist. His passions revolve around gadgets and technology, and he's always ready to write about what's hot and trending.

Mac Malware Getting Serious - Security No Longer Optional

The landscape for Mac malware has changed dramatically in the past couple of years: threats are now more complex, more varied, and more numerous.

The ‘Root’ of all Evil with Apple’s macOS

macOS vulnerability allows “root” access without authentication.

Full macOS Compromise Using 15-Year-Old Bug

Details of vulnerability released over Twitter by security researcher.

Apple HomeKit Flaw Emphasizes the Need for Security

Compromised IoT devices could infect other home network-connected devices, including laptops, Mac, and even your smartphone.

Reports of macOS Vulnerabilities Rise Almost 29% in 2017

macOS security has become a necessity, especially as cybercriminals get smarter about tricking users or identifying vulnerabilities.

Where Does Your Mac Fit in Your Smart Home?

Despite built-in security features, hackers can use your Mac to infiltrate your home or organization’s heating, lighting, or electronics systems.

Sophisticated Mac OS Malware Uses Trust and Developer Certificates

How it works: Attackers compromise a vendor’s website, then replace legitimate apps with those carrying data-stealing malware.

United States Most Affected by Mac Threats

Most garden-variety Mac threats covertly collect sensitive user data by bundling themselves with legitimate applications.

Study of Most Common Mac OS Threats Reveals Adware-Serving Trojans

Steering clear of adware-serving threats can be difficult—many are bundled with software or appended to malicious email attachments.

Keranger: the first “in-the-wild” ransomware for Macs. But certainly not the last.

Keranger was the first – but now experts see ransomware-as-a-service that enables interested “customers” to purchase Mac-hostile ransomware.

APT28: A complex Mac virus that may signal the shape of tomorrow’s malware

This malware’s striking characteristic: its ability to drop a payload individually designed for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS running devices.