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google duo

Google announces Duo, a video-calling app that's simpler than Hangouts

Duo is Google's new encrypted video-chatting app, which will be available on Android and iOS devices.


As tablet sales take a dive, analysts expect smartphone vendors to launch convertibles

A new report from IDC tracks the tablet's ongoing decline, while detachable tablets like Microsoft's Surface rise in popularity. Now smartphone vendors are getting into the act, applying their mobile acumen to compete with PC vendors.

madeira collage edited microsoft

Microsoft's Project Madeira turns Outlook into a small-business productivity hub

Call it one-stop shopping. Project Madeira is aimed at all the businesses that can't afford enterprise-class applications, offering scaled-down versions within Outlook.

skype screen sharing

Microsoft upgrades Skype for Business for Android, iOS with screen sharing and more

Skype for Business updates its Android and iOS apps, bringing useful upgrades to both platforms.

microsoft office logo feb 2015

Microsoft will let you run custom apps from Office ribbons

An upcoming update to Microsoft Office will allow you to essentially pin apps to the Microsoft Office ribbon, adding to its extensibility.


office for ipad powerpoint edit

Smaller iPad Pro can use Microsoft Office for free, while larger iPad can't

If you own a larger iPad Pro, Microsoft will require you to pay for an Office 365 subscription. But Microsoft's licensing loophole exempts the new, smaller tablet.

03 tim cook

Tim Cook: Apple 'will not shrink' from responsibility to protect customer privacy

Apple uses its March 21 product launch event to reiterate its stance on customer privacy.

chrome music lab primary

Google's delightful Chrome Music Lab is designed for kids like you

Google has struck a chord with its enthralling new Chrome Music Lab, a number of in-browser experiments featuring sound.

opera browser primary

Opera's testing a browser that kills ads, accelerating webpage loading by up to 90 percent

A new developer edition of Opera's browser includes built-in ad blocking, the first desktop browser to do so. That significantly reduces the time webpages take to load, improving your surfing experience.

passive wi fi 1

'Passive Wi-Fi' researchers promise to cut Wi-Fi power by 10,000x

Researchers at the University of Washington say they've discovered passive Wi-Fi: a way to reduce Wi-Fi power to the microwatt level, useful for sensors or the Internet of Things.

bill gates

Bill Gates backs the U.S. government in Apple's iPhone privacy standoff

Update: Gates walks back his comments on FBI vs. Apple.

nexus phones

Android leads, Windows phones fade further in Gartner's smartphone sales report

The latest numbers remain grim for Windows phones. Among major brands, the report released by Gartner also finds that Huawei is inching closer to Apple as the world's #2 smartphone vendor.

5d data storage 850

Permanent 'Superman crystal' holographic storage is etched with the Bible, Magna Carta

Researchers at the U. of Southampton take another step ahead in holographic storage, actually encoding documents inside a crystal that can last for billions of years. Next up: finding a commercial partner.

Kanye West

Kanye West begs Zuckerberg, Page for money over Twitter

Who needs banks? Rapper Kanye West reveals the new get-rich scheme: simply beg rich people like Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page for money over Twitter.

box logo

Box Capture's new scanning tool lets you save physical documents in Box's cloud

Box now allows you to scan, then store, physical documents within its cloud service and its Box Capture app.