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If it has a screen, battery or a plug, Michael Simon wants to play with it. He has been obsessed with technology since he bought his first ThinkPad—the one with the lift-up keyboard that let you swap out the drive. He's still waiting for that to come back in style.

airpods pro hero

If Santa didn’t bring new AirPods Pro, buy a pair for super cheap right now

Amazon's Woot is selling AirPods Pro for $189, cheaper than they're ever been.

iphone 12 5g logo

Why you shouldn’t upgrade your iPhone 12 data plan just to get 5G

Just because your new iPhone can connect to a 5G network doesn’t mean you need to spend a bunch of money to do it.

mw usbc charger hub final

Best USB-C power adapters for the iPhone 12: How to shop and what to buy

Apple isn’t supplying a power adapter with new iPhones anymore, so we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite ones.

apple magsafe hub

The best MagSafe cases, chargers, and accessories for the iPhone 12

Apple’s new MagSafe charging system has already spawned a whole slew of accessories. Here are our favorites so far.

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Best iPhone 12 Cases: Top picks for every Mini, Max, and Pro style

We’re testing all of the iPhone 12 cases we can get our hands on. Here are our top picks.

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35 free macOS apps every Mac user should have

From useful utilities to handy archivers and transcoders, here are 35 free yet powerful macOS apps you can download today.

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Apple products even the ultimate Apple fan should avoid

With the holidays in full swing—and time running out for shopping—there’s still time to be smart about what you buy. In this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we talk what Apple products you should avoid buying.

Apple in 2021: New products and predictions (YouTube video)


It was a banner year for Apple, from the release of the first 5G iPhone, to the Apple Silicon announcement and subsequent rollout of the first M1 Macs. Apple isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as 2021 approaches. Macworld senior writer Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis join Juliet Beauchamp to discuss Apple’s 2020 wins and what else they expect to see from Apple in 2021 and beyond.

chromecast 2020

You’ll soon be able to watch Apple TV+ with the new Google Chromecast

Google has announced that the Apple TV app is coming to the new Chromecast with Google TV next year.

apple airpods

Best last-minute Apple deals: Deep discounts on Macs, iPads, AirPods and Apple Watches

All the best deals on Apple gear you can buy right now.

5G iPads and 32-core Macs: Apple enterprise rumors (YouTube video)


There’s a few rumors swirling about future Apple hardware, including 5G iPads and Macs powered by 32-core processors. Apple may release 5G iPads as soon as 2021, following the release of its first-ever 5G iPhone this year. And while a 32-core Mac Pro may wait until 2022, 16 power core iMacs could launch in 2021 as well. Juliet Beauchamp is joined by Macworld senior writer Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis to discuss these rumors, as well as dissect the recent AirPods Max announcement.

m1 system on chip

Apple working on its first cellular modem, which could bring 5G to the MacBook

A new Bloomberg report claims that Apple has begun work on its first cellular modem, which could be a game-changer for the Mac.

magsafe duo charging

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger review: Cheaply made, poorly executed, and way too expensive

Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger would be a tough sell at $49, but it’s impossible to recommend at $129.

airpods max colors

AirPods Max impressions roundup: A great fit with ‘really good sound’ and a terrible case

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a pair of AirPods Max headphones aren't sure they're worth the hefty price tag—but they're definitely nice.

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AirPods Max: Apple’s new headphones

Apple had one more thing for us this year: the AirPods Max. We’ll talk about Apple pricey new headphones on this episode of the Macworld Podcast.