David Chartier

David has been covering Apple and how to get the most out of its products since 2005. Now a freelance tech writer, he runs Finer Things in Tech, jots down thoughts at DavidChartier.com, occasionally starts outlining the great American tech novel, and might still get to snowboard Breckenridge one more time.
Working Mac

16 secrets of Google Drive

Google Drive is a souped-up productivity machine with lots of features you may not have even noticed. Here are 16 you shouldn't miss.
24 Nov 2013
Working Mac

Make Mail and Gmail play nice

Apple's Mail is better than ever at helping you manage your email. Google's Web-based Gmail is pretty good in its own right, but how do you combine the two? David Chartier shares his method.
16 Apr 2013
Working Mac

Work it: LinkedIn endorsements explained

Wondering why your LinkedIn connections are suddenly "endorsing" you or why the social networking site keeps asking you to do the same for others? David Chartier explains what Linkedin endorsements are all about.
6 Jan 2013
Working Mac

Stay on top of the Web with read-later services

Read-later services let you save online articles for reading whenever it suits you, on your commute or just about anywhere else, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. David Chartier explores the options.
21 Oct 2012
Mac Gems

Cloak secures your Internet traffic without the hassle

Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks can be risky. Cloak gives you the benefits of a virtual private network (VPN) without the usual setup, configuration, and activation hassles.
20 Mar 2012

Mail Designer lets you get creative with stationery

You have long been able to purchase various add-on packs of stationery for Mail. Now, Equinux has a powerful tool that enables you to customize or create your own.
29 Apr 2011
iOS Central

Use AirPlay between iOS devices with AirFrame

You can use AirPlay to stream media from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to an Apple TV, or even back to a Mac with some add-on software. Now with AirFrame, you can stream between iOS devices.
28 Mar 2011

Maclocks announces security lock for MacBook Air

The MacBook Air thin, light, and portable design is appealing to both on-the-go customers and those who prefer five-finger discounts. Apple didn't build in a standard notebook security lock port, so accessory maker Maclocks took matters into its own hands.
24 Mar 2011
Working Mac

How to make Gmail work well with Mail

Apple's Mail and Gmail don't get along very well, as anyone who has tried to use the latter with the former knows. They each take very different approaches to managing e-mail, but with a little configuring and planning, you can work out the kinks.
13 Mar 2011

Apple unveils Joint Venture service for business owners

Apple on Thursday introduced Joint Venture, a new service similar to One to One, but tailored for businesses in a number of significant ways. Members will be able to schedule staff training sessions, get support from Apple Geniuses over the phone, use loaner Macs while a company machine is in the shop, and more.
3 Mar 2011

How to manage Safari’s Top Sites

Top Sites is one of Safari 5's biggest features, but adding, managing, and removing your favorite or most-used sites from it can be a little confusing. We'll help you clear it all up.
28 Feb 2011