Susie Ochs

Susie has been covering Apple since 2006, and when she isn't glued to her MacBook Air and iPhone, you can find her building sand castles at the beach or snowboarding in the mountains.
Macworld Podcast

The future of the Mac Pro

If you’re a Mac pro who needs a Mac Pro, Apple has good news and bad news.
5 Apr 2017

How to use Find My AirPods in iOS 10.3

The Find My iPhone app has a new trick in iOS 10.3—locating a misplaced set of AirPods. Well, if they're on and connected, anyway.
2 Apr 2017
Macworld Podcast

Accessibility and superpowers

The iPad rumors won't quit, and we're thinking more about accessibility.
15 Mar 2017
Macworld Podcast

Leaks and hacks

Macworld Podcast episode 549
7 Mar 2017
Macworld Podcast

Ride the Lightning

Glenn and Susie unpack the latest iPhone 8 rumor, that Lightning might be replaced with USB-C.
1 Mar 2017
Macworld Podcast

WWDC heads south to San Jose

But before that, we may get new iPads, a 128GB iPhone SE, and a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone at a special event in March.
22 Feb 2017
Macworld Podcast

Would you AR in the car?

Tim Cook can't stop talking about augmented reality, but is he hinting at the future of the iPhone or the car?
15 Feb 2017
Macworld Podcast

Assault on MacBook Pro batteries

We did extensive testing on the new MacBook Pro's so-called battery problems and discuss what you should do when a battery goes bad.
10 Feb 2017
Macworld Podcast

What’s up with WhatsApp

Security is still on our minds. Well, that and juicy iPhone 8 rumors.
27 Jan 2017
Macworld Podcast

The iPhone turns 10

Susie and Glenn take a chance to reminisce about the iPhone's introduction, a full decade ago.
11 Jan 2017