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Should you get extra lenses for your iPhone?

The best camera may be the one that you have with you, but contributor Ted Landau thinks that additional lenses would make your iPhone an even better camera.
9 years ago

Envisioning an iPad Pro

The rebranding of the iPad Air has potentially made room in Apple's lineup for an iPad Pro. Ted Landau imagines what such a device would look like.
9 years ago

The new Mac Pro: Not for the faint of wallet

Though the Mac Pro is aimed at professionals, older models were often attractive to prosumers who wanted the most power their money could buy. But Ted Landau considers the new Mac Pro a very different beast, and suspects that many of those users may look elsewhere.
9 years ago

How to work with iWork’s new file formats

With the just-released 2013 versions of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote for the Mac and for iOS, Apple's made some serious changes in file formats, which could impact the way you work with those files. Ted Landau explains.
9 years ago