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iRobot's luxurious Roomba 981 is $250 off

Amazon is selling the iRobot Roomba 981 for just $350.


13in m1 mbp desk

Your new Mac's speedy SSD might not last as long as it should

If M1 Macs are performing too many writes on the SSD, that could lead to drive problems down the road.


Snag Adobe's Photoshop Elements 2021 for a ludicrously low $45

Photoshop Elements 2021 is a whopping 55% off at Newegg.



Why Your Next Website Needs A Top Level Domain

If you've got a project or brand that needs a website, it's good to go in prepared.

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Stream music in HD with 25% off this rugged Bluetooth speaker

The HyperGear Quake Wireless Speaker also has a built-in power bank for phone charging.

paul thorn track

Roon 1.8 review: An unparalleled service for critical listening and music exploration

The barrier to entry can be steep, but the reward is oh so worth the investment.


apple music spotify icons

What Apple Music can do to catch up with Spotify

It's time for Apple Music to get a huge upgrade--and some recently-launched Apple technologies could even allow it to surpass its rivals when it comes to audio quality.

iphone weather apps

Five great iPhone weather apps you should try

Appleā€™s built-in Weather app gets the job done, but third-party apps offer a lot more.

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Use, charge and mount your phone with this desk stand for 28% off

Use, charge and mount your phone with this desk stand for 28% off


Learning STEM skills in 2021? It's easier than you think

Brilliant is a learning system that goes beyond the same old video lectures

apple pay terminal

Apple Pay FAQ: Apple Pay is now available in Mexico

Here's everything you need to know about Apple Pay, including how to use it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, and what stores and apps accept it.


This monstrous 58-inch 4K smart TV is just $300

Best Buy is selling a 58-inch Westinghouse 4K smart TV for $300.


fitbit sense stress

Fitbit teams with Deepak Chopra to bolster its Premium membership

Fitbit is launching a new Mindful Method series featuring sessions from Deepak Chopra as part of its Premium subscription.

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Once in a blue moon: Facebook is actually right about something

The Australian government is set to pass legislation that will require Facebook and other sites to pay for links to Australian news content. And that's just wrong, says the Macalope.